Famous Web Star, Mordecai Flame, Is he Reveal Face? Age and Net Worth

Mordecai Flame has been the most searched web star and Twitch decoration in recent times. He is perceived as Mordecai Flame through virtual entertainment outlets such as TikTok, Twitter, and Twitch. Mordecai has a huge fanbase on Youtube and other outlets.  

He joined Youtube in March 2022. Rising young TikTok star Mordecai is committed to creating an inspiring tone for LGBTQ and Neurodivergent people.

Mordecai Flame’s Face Reveal

Renowned Youtuber and Vtuber, Mordecai Flame partially revealed his face wearing a Doki Doki sr gorou cosplay recently on Twitter. He hasn’t revealed his face fully but took a mirror selfie in the cosplay by covering his face with his cellphone.

On June 4, 2022, Mordecai tweeted a post and also said, “He will show his entire self in that fascinating cosplay.”  As we saw his body in the photo, he has a skinny body, people loved his appearance.

Soon he will upload a full picture with makeup and proper fitting on Twitter.

Mordecai’s Early Life and Family

Mordecai Flame is a 24-year-old Twitch streamer and Youtuber. His real name is believed to be Mordecai, which is explained in his Twitch bio. The young budding star is focused to create a positive vibe for the LGBTQ community.

mordecai flame age

Mordecai is half Indian, with ADHD and autism, and a few other disabilities, which he has occasionally been vocal about on TikTok. Mordecai said, “He is bisexual and dating a guy.”. He often shares his experiences while streaming.

There is no information about his Mother, Father, and siblings on the Internet as he is very shy and loves being private.

Mordecai’s Net Earning

Mordecai Flame’s net worth is still confidential. Sources confirm that this streamer’s net worth is about 50k USD. as he has many subscribers and followers on his social media handles.

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He has a good income from his channels.

Mordecai’s Social Media Accounts

Mordecai has around 6K+ followers on his Twitter. As he has an account on Twitch also. He also has 10K+ followers on his official Youtube channel.