Miguel On This Is Us dies, Aged, Parents, Cause of Death, Family

Viewers have learned the tragic backstory of the character, Miguel who has won fans for his unselfish dedication to his wife Rebecca.

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So, Who Is Miguel?

“This Is Us” fans have got the answer to that question and so many more in Tuesday’s episode, which is focused on how Jack’s best friend came to become the man who would be marrying his widow while trying to make peace with his own dysfunctional family. 

The episode also how Miguel moved on with his family to the America area when he was a little kid. The old world values of his father and his desire to be successful and, as Miguel make a new life as he got older and smarter, he argued with his father during Christmas one year.  “Why is it so hard for you to watch me make something of myself?” he asked him.

The episode also looks at how Miguel and Rebecca did not go out straight to dating after they first met, so Jack forced them to get to know each other at a bar one night. They become friends and Miguel would go on to know his own wife, Shelly, and also have two kids. The marriage went bitter and difficult and they argued, with her bringing up Jack at one point.

What Happened Next?

After Jack died and his relationship with Rebecca grew, Miguel shifted to Houston in the hopes of getting on good terms with his children, to no avail. After his own father passed away, he went to see his family and was impressed at how his mother took care of his aunt, who had a stroke years previously.

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Miguel would later connect with Rebecca online and they began to take on the phone and finally had dinner when he was in her area on business. He told her he replayed over and over in his head if he should’ve left for Houston and felt he had to do it while opening up about his own sort of problems.

She moved from her seat, walked over to him, and kissed him on the lips. Later, when they were in bed, Rebecca asked him to move near her when he said he was thinking about taking a retirement. He was brought up Jack and says he wondered what Jack would think of them being with each other.

The Death of Miguel

Miguel’s later health deteriorated, so Kevin went to see Miguel’s son saying he may not have time to live the doctors are extremely concerned about his heart failure. As the episode reaches its climax, Miguel and his son joined the Pearsons for Christmas. 

Miguel passed away and the Pearsons, with his kids, congregated under a tree he planted along with Rebecca. Kate, Randall, and his daughter spread his ashes under the tree, and Kevin and Miguel’s son spread ashes in the open field, presumably the same one where he had played baseball as a little child when the episode opened.

While Miguel died, “This Is Us” viewers could surprisingly see him over the series’ final three episodes.