Mert Ney Sister, Family, wiki, Michaela Dunn killer jailed for 44 years, video

Mert Ney was just a normal Australian kid, and he was always a quiet child, as his neighbors said, who wasn’t bothering about other people too much. But he was inside a messed-up boy. In high school he was silent, but later he became Salafi Islam, inspired by radical ideas which he stored in a USB stick.

Mert Ney is a vicious assassin who accused Michaela Dunn of murder. On her death on August 13, 2019 she was a sex worker who was 24 years old. He booked 250 dollars for a “girlfriend experience” with Dunn but arrived at her flat with a knife and two dollars in cash. The police later found her on her neck stabbed with 20-30, repeatedly.

Mert Ney’s Disturbing Snap Videos

Just moments after Ms. Dunn was stabbed to death and MS Bo suffered from physical damage, he filmed Snapchat in front of the dead body, a shocking video. The video was shown in court. In the video he highlighted the bloodied victim until he showed all four shoes with blood.

A certain number of people pursued him after the killing, before he had a milk box and chair in place. He had to set his sentencing hearing on Tuesday. The survivor Lin Bo, a witness for the gruesome killing, is also charged with intended physical damage. The terrible spree has made the whole city afraid.

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Mert Ney Age, Date of Birth, Birthday, Zodiac Sign, Nationality, what about his father, mother, where was he from? Early life

Mert Ney was born to Turkish-Cypriot parents in Marayong, Australia in 1998. By age, he is 22 now. Mert Ney has Australian ethnicity, according to a few blogs. He also belongs to Turkish Cypriots. However, his zodiac sign is not revealed yet.

His parents and his relatives were not disclosed to the general public since there were no Internet videos of Mert ney’s family members. Any video from the members of Mert Ney’s family is not available online but contains information that is Turkish. He’s got two siblings and that’s all we know about his family information.

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Who’s the sister of Mert Ney?

His sister Direnc Ney addressed and asserted the citizens in general after the capture of Mert Ney. She apologised publicly to his hurt family and his victims. Direnc also said she needed nothing else to do with her sibling.

mert ney sister

She also noted that she usually was not vigorous with her sibling. In the week before merciless murder and fatal cuts, Mr. Ney’s psychological well-being had become insane. She also said that he had slipped away and was not in touch with her from the medical centre.

Mert Ney Girlfriend, His Relationship, is he married?

Talking about his wife, he has not married yet. On his girlfriend, we have no info. It means that he might not be in touch with another person from now on due to his crime. Nevertheless, Homicide detectives are investing the prospect of his relationship with the sex worker. However, nothing has been verified about his family.

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Ney’s Health Problems

Mert Ney has a history of mental illness and substance abuse, which he walked away last Thursday from Blacktown Hospital after an overdose. At 6.15am, the next morning, he left the hospital through ambulance gate. A 21-year-old went out of Blacktown Hospital last Thursday and was allegedly treated for an overdose, with a history of mental disorder and substance abuse.

mert ney health

The inquiry probably focuses primarily on his whereabouts between those days and 14:00 on the edge of Clarence and the King’s streets with the butcher’s knife 30 centimeters wide coated with blood. Last Wednesday, August 7, Ney presented at the Blacktown Emergency Department. 

Ney’s Net worth, how much he is earning?, how much did he earn from his career?

He lived his life with violence and depression, suffering from mental illness. Mert never participated in any occupation. He was actively engaged in illegal activity. Therefore, he has no source of income to produce. His net value is not revealed even if he earn after illegal and corrupt activities.

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Where he attended his High school and University?

Ney attended high school of Blacktown Boys and Marayong Public School. And in Blacktown, a suburb of Sydney, he was silent but later he was turn to Salafi Islam and inspired by radical ideas, that he stored on a USB stick. He was a “weird” loner who kept himself, according to some source of media.

His Social Media Reach

We tried finding his accounts on every social media sites but ultimately had no luck. However, we can see many news related to his crime in the medias.

Quick Facts about Mert Ney

Mert Ney was just a regular Australian kid. But he was a messed-up kid inside. He was silent in high school, but later Salafi Islam, which he kept in the USB stick, inspired by the radical ideas. Mert Ney is a brutal assassin charged with murdering Michaela Dunn.

Mert Ney jailed for 44 years over CBD murder of Sydney woman Michaela Dunn. “The perpetrator is a harmful man and remains a harmful man,” said the judge. “The position seems extremely grim in relation to the chances for the offender to return to the community and live a legally accepted life.” When Ney would be 53 years old on August 2052, it will be his earliest publication date.

Mert Ney was born in Marayong, Australia in 1998, to Turkish-Cypriot parents. He’s now 22 by age. According to some websites, Mert Ney is of Australian ethnicity. It belongs to Cypriots in Turkey, too. His zodiacal sign has not yet been revealed. His parents and family members were not revealed to the public because Mert ney’s family members had no Internet videos.

He lived with abuse and depression, with mental illness. He never took part in a job. Ney was involved in criminal activities. Consequently, he has no revenue stream to generate. He doesn’t show his net worth even though he earns from illicit and unethical company.

Mert Ney is experiencing a history of mental disease and drug addiction, which he left Blacktown Hospital last Thursday, following an overdose. He left the hospital by ambulance gate at 6.15 a.m. the next morning. Last Thursday a 21-year-old was removed from Blacktown Hospital and was reportedly overdosed in mental illness and drug abuse.

Mert Ney’s Body Appearance Height, Weight in 2021

Height   Under review
WeightNot revealed
Eye ColorBrown
Body TypeFit
Sexual OrientationStraight

Interesting facts about Ney’s which you should be known

Zodiac SignNot revealed
Net Worth (Approx.) Not revealed
Single/ In a relationshipSingle

Social Media

Not available