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Yoga Teacher, Melissa Tweedie, 27, was afflicted after allegedly having s*x with Students

Melissa Tweedie is a professional yoga instructor and also a dynamic person on Instagram with her official account. Melissa is now based in Dubai, UAE, and instructs yoga to make private clients through her physical meetings.

She is gaining most of her clients because of her Instagram as her content there is considered to be quite engaging. She is 27 years old.

Shamed Scots Teacher who ‘had s*x with student’ bring up ‘fresh start’ in Social Media return

Melissa Tweedie, aged 27, was afflicted after allegedly having s*x with one of the students at a leavers night in 2017. A former PE teacher who hooked up with a pupil at prom has returned to social media to post videos doing Yoga and assuring viewers they can have a “ Fresh Start”.

Tweedie was spotted dancing inappropriately with students and taking shots with them at the bar during the school prom in 2017. She was then spotted on a bed with an 18-years old student who claimed the pair had s*x after he drank wine, gin, shots, and beer. She was issued with a removal order after the panel found her conduct fell significantly short of the standard expected of a registered teacher.

The former teacher at Gleniffer High School in Paisley, Renfrewshire, moved to Dubai following the allegations and later locked her social media accounts down during the hearing. However, months after being struck off, Tweedie returned to social media to post-meditation and online classes on Youtube.

Shamed Miss Tweedie heard addressing her viewers in a series of videos, posted in May as she undertook various Yoga Moves

In a series of videos, posted in May, she moves various Yoga moves and meditation positions.

She says, “ If today or yesterday wasn’t your day then just think today you have this clean slate up in front of you.”

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“You choose the colors you sprinkle throughout your day today, you choose what you take from your day today.”

“Yesterday is behind you, there is another bright day ahead of you.”

How did she begin her Yoga career?

She originally started her Yoga journey to add another form of exercise to her day-to-day life. Then, she deepened her yoga practice. It became a practice of her mind as well as body. This changed her way of living and gave her a different perspective on many aspects of life. She has been a teacher throughout her professional career. She loved to share this passion with others as a Yoga Teacher.

Miss Tweedie studied for more than 200 hours in Dubai to become a qualified instructor in Vinyasa Flow and Hatha Flow Yoga.