Meet Marcin Gortat Wife Żaneta Gortat-Stanisławska – His Dating History

Marcin Gortat a former Polish Basketball player has been quite private about his dating life and does not share it in public that often but he has been in a quiet relationship in past with several women and currently he is in a relationship with Zaneta Gortat-Stanisławska with whom he has shared several pictures of his Instagram.

Here, we explore Marcin Gortat’s dating history, including a thorough timeline of their relationships and the dates of their earliest sightings with these partners. We also look into Zaneta Gortat-Stanisawska, who is his wife. Join us as we take a closer look at his history and present relationships.

Meet Professional Basketball player, Marcin Gortat, His Early Life

Marcin Gortat is a former Polish professional basketball player who played for several NBA teams, including the Orlando Magic, Phoenix Suns, Washington Wizards, Los Angeles Clippers, and the Boston Celtics. He was born on February 17, 1984, in Lodz, Poland. Marcin stands tall at 6 feet 11 inches. He is the son of professional boxer Janusz Gortat. Marcin was drafted by the Phoenix Suns in the second round of the 2005 NBA Draft and went on to play for several teams including the Orlando Magic, Phoenix Suns, Washington Wizards, and Los Angeles Clippers.

During his youth, Gortat participated in both football and track and field, specifically in the high jump. His mother, Alicja Gortat, played volleyball for the Poland national team while his father, Janusz Gortat, was a successful Polish boxer who won a bronze medal in the light heavyweight division at the Munich 1972 and Montreal 1976 Olympics. Marcin’s older brother Robert is also a boxer.

Meet Marcin Gortat’s wife Żaneta Gortat-Stanisławska

Zaneta Gortat-Staniswska is from Warsaw, Poland and she grew up there, she celebrates her birthday on April 4 every year. According to the Global Information Network webpage, she was born in 1983 and is currently 39 years old.

As per her Facebook Information, she studied Politogia at Uniwersytet Slaski Katowicach and later Studied Postgraduate studies in pedagogical preparation at the University of Health Education and Social Sciences in Łódź. She has a degree in Business Administration which she gained from the Cracow University of Economics.

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She worked as a lecturer at the University of Engineering and Health and now she is the owner and CEO of Global Beauty Congress and Fundacja Parasol. Moreover, she works as an editor-in-chief at Forever Permanent and is the Owner of Stanisławska which is a training, consulting, and marketing of the beauty & SPA industry she also owns Broadway Beauty and she is also a permanent make-up trainer.

Moreover, she has also shared a post on her Facebook where she posted a picture of a baby girl with her where one of her followers commented “The best mom and daughter time” from which we get to know that she is a mother and has a daughter.

Likewise, she has posted several pictures with her daughter who we believe is the daughter of Marcin and Zaneta but we didn’t find out anything specific that confirms Marcin being her father as she might be from her previous relationship as well.

Marcin Gortat and Zaneta Stanislawska’s marriage

Marcin Gortat and Zaneta Stanislawska got married in the middle of 2021. Although the exact date of the event is unknown, the basketball player was accepted in September 2021 on “Good morning TVN.” his marital status has changed. In a past interview with the magazine, Marcin highlighted the good qualities of his wife.

Marcin Gortat Wife Zaneta Gortat Stanislawska

Zaneta Stanislawska uses social media frequently. She freely posts pictures of herself with her adored husband on Instagram. The business coach now brags that she made US Ambassador Marcin a visit while they were attending the event.

Marcin Gortat Dating History

The Polish athlete always impressed the people around him with his skills. Thus, there are no questions about his multiple dating histories.

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We have summed up some of the most gossiped relationships of Marcin Gortat as he had relationships with Paula Tumala, Alicja Bachleda, and Anna Kociuga Besides his wife Zaneta Gortat-Staniswska.

Martin Gortat dated Polish model Anna Kociuga (2009)

Martin Gortat was in a relationship with Anna Kociuga who is a Polish model. The couple dated back in 2018 and now they are no longer together and are settled in their own respective lives as the Polish athlete is now married to Zaneta Stanislawska.

Marcin Gortat Girlfriend Anna Kociuga

Anna Kociuga is a mother to a boy and she seems to be a single mother as she shares several pictures on her Instagram with her son frequently

Marcin’s relationship with Paula Tumala (2016)

Marcin was in a relationship with Paula Tumala in the year 2016. Paula Tumala is an MTV presenter and Photomodel. She is currently 35 years old and she was born on 17th June 1987 in Gorzow, Poland.

Marcin and Paula had a good and healthy relationship in the beginning. The couple, however, didn’t last long and the reason behind their separation was most probably the time and tight schedule they both had and how they couldn’t get to spend enough time with each other.

Marcin Gortat Girlfriend Paula Tumala

She shared beautiful pictures of her twin daughters together wishing them Happy Children’s day on one of her posts.

However, Paula Timala is a mother of twin daughters Nadia and Anastasia. she shares their pictures on her Instagram where they seem to have a great time together.

Martin Gortat and Alicja Bachleda’s relationship (2017 – 2018)

In 2017, Martina entered a romantic relationship with the well-known actress Alicja Bachleda, which lasted until 2018.

Alicja Bachleda-Curuś is a Polish actress known for portraying Zosia in “Pan Tadeusz”, Anke in “Summersturm”, and Weronika in “Trade”, was born on May 12, 1983, in Tampico, Tamaulipas, Mexico, making her 39 years old.

Rumors about their relationship began circulating in 2017, and Gortat eventually relocated from Washington to the Los Angeles Clippers, partly due to Bachleda-Curu’s affiliation with the city. The couple was seen together more frequently, including during Princess Kate and Prince William’s tour to Poland. However, their relationship came to an end by the close of 2018.

She has a son named Henry Tadeusz Farrell with Irish actor Colin Farrell before she speared with him in 2010. She seems to be single as of now but she shares several pictures of her son on her Instagram.