Who is Larry Millete? Age, Wiki, Did he kill his wife? Is he a Filipino? Husband, Family, Bio

 Larry Millete is the husband of missing Maya Millete. Maya Millete was last seen on 7th of January around 5 pm.

After nine months of her missing, the police have taken her husband Larry Millete under arrest for the suspense of her murder.

May ‘Maya’ Millete’s husband murdered her after she filed for divorce, according to the prosecutor

 Larry Millete, the husband of May “Maya” Millete, a Chula Vista mother of three who was last seen alive at the beginning of the year, was arrested for her murder on Tuesday, according to investigators.

“Today, the Chula Vista Police Department is reporting Larry Millete’s arrest for the murder of his wife, May,” Chula Vista Police announced in a news statement on Tuesday, the first indication of a major development in the case.

Later that afternoon, Chula Vista police chief Roxana Kennedy, San Diego County District Attorney Summer Stephan, and members of the Chula Vista Police Department — many of whom were wearing purple ribbons to raise awareness for domestic violence awareness month — provided more details on the development, including the fact that Larry was arrested at 11:41 that morning. Kennedy told the gathering that he was alone at the time of his arrest, and the throng erupted in applause.

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“The primary goal was to bring May back to her family or bring justice to the person or persons responsible for her disappearance,” Kennedy said.

Officials prefer the victim’s given name, May, while NBC 7 and other news outlets have chosen the name Maya, which she was known by her friends and family.

Thousands of hours were invested into the investigation, according to Kennedy, who stated 67 search warrants had been executed, 87 interviews had been conducted, and 130 leads had been processed.

 Kennedy noted that while Larry’s arrest on Tuesday was a step toward justice, it was not the end of the inquiry.

The arrest of Larry Millete

Investigators have descended in force on the family’s house in Chula Vista’s Eastlake area. In what appears to be a search being conducted at the home, both CVPD officers and FBI personnel are there.

Supporters of the missing lady were also in the area on Tuesday, as they have done in the past to assist in the hunt for Maya or to support the family in their efforts to keep her disappearance on the minds of the authorities and the public.

Miriam Bojorquez, a Chula Vista resident who has volunteered as part of a search team, said her emotional reaction to Larry’s arrest was mixed.

Bojorquez described his feelings as “sadness and happiness at the same moment.” “Sadness because, as a mother, what will happen to those children now? Perhaps happiness is the first step toward familial closure.”

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The presence of law officers caught a neighbor off guard, telling NBC 7 that it sounded like fireworks at first.

“I just heard some bangs,” the woman said. “At first I thought it was the neighbors working on their yard, and then I saw the urgent alert on Nextdoor come out — to avoid the area, that the FBI and SWAT team were there and setting off flash-bangs — so I came out to look.”

The woman stated that she had become accustomed to the “media circus” and that she would be relieved when it was done.

“I hope they find her body and give the family some closure,” the woman said.

Larry Millete Age, Date of Birth, Birthday, Family, what about his father, mother, where is he from? Early life.

Larry Millette’s actual personal details are not yet disclosed. He seems to be a Filipino, however, no confirmed details on him being a Filipino are available. His age, ethnicity Is not available.

larry millete family

He is a father of three from South California.

Larry Millete Career, What is his profession?

The profession of Larry Millete is not available. He, however, is not a navy as many people assume him to be a navy.

Larry Millete Net worth, how much does he earn?

The income and any other personal details of Larry Millete are not available at the moment. He must be earning a good amount to give his family a quality life.

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Larry Millete wife, who is he married to, any children?

Larry Millete was married to his wife Maya Millete who went missing about 9months ago. He was married to her and had 3 children.

larry millete wife

Now, he is arrested for the murder suspense of his very own wife.

Interesting facts

Full NameLarry Millete
Relationship statusMarried  
Partner  Maya Millete
Net WorthUnder reviewed