Everything you need to know about Larron Ables from “Tough As Nails”

Larron Ables is a seasoned Diesel Technician employed by Meade Tractor, with expertise in diagnosing and repairing heavy-duty construction and agricultural equipment. He gained widespread recognition as a participant in the fourth season of Tough As Nails.

Tough As Nails is a reality competition series that premiered on CBS. The show features 12 contestants who are blue-collar workers and are put to the test in a series of physical and mental challenges related to their professions. Each episode features two challenges, and the contestants are eliminated one by one until only one contestant remains, who is crowned the Tough As Nails champion.

He participated in season 4 of a reality competition series and managed to capture the hearts of viewers, leading to widespread recognition following the show.

Larron Ables was a fan before participated in Tough as Nails season 4

Larron Ables, a diesel mechanic hailing from the Johnson City-Kingsport-Bristol area, recently appeared on the fourth season of Tough As Nails. In a recent interview with We Are Austin, he shared how the show’s honor and legacy inspired him to participate in the newest season.

Ables expressed his enjoyment of the show, stating that he had been a fan since the first season, with each subsequent season bringing even greater challenges and excitement. He was confident that the fourth season would rank among the best ever and was awestruck by the incredible tasks, audio and visual team, and editing crew who made it all possible.

He commended the show’s producers and crew for their excellence in their respective roles.

Ables also shared how his work as a diesel technician had prepared him for the challenges he faced on the show. Despite being only 22 years old, the show’s host, Phil Keoghan, described him as being incredibly mature for his age. Ables is aware of the knowledge he has yet to acquire, as noted in Parade, and despite taking on many responsibilities at a young age, he remains a formidable competitor.

Larron Ables’ is a graduate of Central Texas College

According to his LinkedIn Profile, Larron is 22 years old and received his schooling from Central Texas College. 

Larron Ables Father

He has also obtained his licenses as a Basic Diesel Technician and a Diesel System Specialist from the same organization.

Larron Ables has a Strong Work Ethic and Dedication

Larron Ables has demonstrated a strong work ethic and dedication to his career from a young age. He has been actively involved in the workforce and has held various positions at Perissos Vineyard and Winery. Throughout his time at the company, Larron has served as both a Vineyard Technician and a Laborer, consistently performing his duties to the highest standards.

Larron Ables has expertise in Warehouse Maintenance and Equipment Repair

During his tenure at Perissos Vineyard and Winery, Larron demonstrated his expertise in warehouse maintenance and equipment repair, ensuring that machines and irrigation systems were functioning properly.

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He took pride in his work and was always willing to go above and beyond to ensure that the vineyard’s operations were running smoothly. Larron’s commitment and hard work paid off, as he remained with the company for five years and eight months.

Larron Ables did Part-time Role at Camp of the Hills

Larron took on a part-time role at Camp of the Hills in May 2015. Here, he served as the Assistant to the Executive Director and performed various duties such as facility maintenance and managing several outdoor youth programs. Despite being a part-time employee, Larron demonstrated the same level of dedication and commitment to his work, ensuring that the youth programs were successful and that the facility was well-maintained.

Larron Ables works as a diesel technician

Larron Ables was offered a job as an assembly technician by Scott-Clark Medical in February 2016. After joining the company, he worked diligently for approximately a year before deciding to resign from his position in March 2017.

Later that year, Larron joined Tractor Supply Company in a different role, as a sales associate and team member. He worked there for some time, learning new skills and gaining valuable experience in the industry.

However, Larron received an exciting job opportunity at RDO Equipment Co. as a Diesel Technician after he had worked for Tractor Supply Company for more than a year. He was thrilled with this new prospect and was eager to take on the challenges of his new role.

As the year 2023 began, Larron started his new job as a diesel technician at Meade Tractor. This is a full-time position that he is currently working in. Ables is enthusiastic about his job, and he strives to continue to develop his skills and grow as a professional in his field.

Larron Ables won $28K on Tough as Nail

Larron Ables was able to capture the admiration and affection of the audience with his remarkable performances during the show as he secured a spot among the top five finalists in the competition. However, despite his best efforts, he was ultimately eliminated from the individual competition. Larron was able to secure a respectable amount of $28,000 as a result of his participation in the show.

Larron Ables’ Consistent Performance as Second Lowest in Individual Competition on Show

Throughout the duration of the show, Larron participated in various individual competitions. In four of these competitions, he was placed second lowest, but he was not eliminated from the competition and was declared safe.

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In addition to the four times where he was almost eliminated, there was one instance where Larron was safe from elimination during a competition. However, Larron’s fortunes changed as the show progressed. He managed to win the competition twice but could not win the overall show.

Larron Albes represented Savage Crew on Tough as Nails season 4

Larron Albes was a member of the Savage crew. Among his crewmates were Mister Frost, who had the distinction of being the first runner in season four, as well as Jake Cope, who ultimately placed third in the final competition. The crew also included Ilima Shim, Laura Bernotas, and Renèe Kolar, all of whom were dedicated and skilled runners in their own right.

Larron Ables Tough As Nails

Throughout the course of their participation in various competitions, the Savage crew emerged victorious in a total of five team challenges. Their hard work and determination paid off handsomely, as their combined efforts earned them a significant sum of $120,000.

Larron Ables is a public figure

Larron Ables is active on Instagram as a public figure under the name @larronables where he has 1.3k+ followers. His contents are generally about his work.  He is also available on Facebook