Langston Kerman Wife Nikkie Kerman Is His Biggest Supporter

Langston Kerman is an American comedian, writer, and actor. He was born on September 10, 1986, in Oak Park, Illinois, and grew up in the nearby town of Oak Lawn. Kerman is best known for his stand-up comedy and his roles in television shows such as Insecure and The Boys. Kerman is a married man and He and his wife have one child together.

Discover the fascinating life of Langston Kerman in this article, with insights into his family background and a detailed timeline of his relationship with his girlfriend-turned-wife, Nikkie Kerman, along with the birth of their first child.

Langston Kerman has Jewish Background

Langston Kerman is a multitalented American actor, comedian, and writer who has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry. Kerman was born to an African American mother and a white, Jewish father.

He attended the University of Michigan, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in English in 2009. After graduation, he spent a year teaching poetry at his old high school. He later obtained an MFA in poetry from Boston University before deciding to focus exclusively on stand-up comedy.

Langston Kerman is a Multi-Talented Actor, Comedian, and Writer

Kerman has appeared in various shows, including The Boys, High Maintenance, Blesses This Mess, and Insecure. In addition, Kerman co-wrote and acted in the HBO Max series South Side. He is also a successful comedian, with his debut album, Lightskinned Emotions, being named one of the top 10 comedic albums of 2018 by Vulture. Kerman has appeared in shows like High Maintenance, Strangers, Adam DeVine’s House Party, and Comedy Bang! Bang! In 2016, he was chosen by Chris Rock to write the script for the Academy Awards. That same year, he landed his first recurring acting role as Jered in the first season of Insecure, a role that gained him recognition among a wider audience.

In 2018, Kerman’s Comedy Central Stand-Up Presents special, Lightskinned Feelings, was released, along with a comedy album of the same name that was recorded at San Francisco’s Punchline Comedy Club. The album was included in Vulture’s list of the top 10 comedy albums of the year.

Kerman has also lent his voice to the 2019 animated serie You’re Not a Monster and acted in the HBO Max series South Side, where he also served as a writer. He has played recurring roles in the second season of The Boys and as a series regular in the second season of Bless This Mess.

In August 2020, Kerman launched the comedy podcast My Momma Told Me on the iHeartRadio Network, where he and his guests discuss different Black conspiracy theories they learned from their mothers.

In 2022, Kerman co-created and co-starred in the Peacock television series Bust Down. With his talent and versatility, Langston Kerman is a rising star in the entertainment industry who continues to impress audiences with his performances both on and off-screen.

Langston Kerman’s Wife, Nikkie Kerman was an America corps member

Nikki Hasselbarth Kerman is a successful lawyer and advocates, well-respected in her field for her work with tax-exempt organizations. Her career began with Teach for America, where she worked as a corps member before transitioning to a teaching position at Houston ISD.

Nikkie Kerman

She later worked for several organizations in various roles, including research fellow, summer associate, and legal intern, before joining Venable LLP as an Associate in 2014.

Nikki Kerman is Counsel at Nonprofit Organizations

Nikki Kerman is a member of the Transactional Tax and Nonprofit Organizations practice groups at Venable LLP. She serves as Counsel and plays the role of guiding tax-exempt organizations, public charities, and private foundations, regarding intricate tax, regulatory, and governance matters.

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She also advises for-profit clients and individual donors on domestic and international grantmaking and causes marketing campaigns, while also assisting high-net-worth individuals and testamentary charitable giving.

Nikki Kerman’s impressive professional Background

Her LinkedIn profile, which offers details about her professional background, is accessible to the public. Despite her privacy preference, Nikki’s contributions to the legal profession and her dedication to promoting diversity and inclusivity have earned her widespread respect and admiration.

Nikki is renowned for her aptitude in addressing a diverse array of concerns that are critical to the success of tax-exempt organizations, and her clients hold her in high regard for her ability to navigate intricate legal predicaments.

She is also devoted to fostering diversity and inclusivity within the legal sector and is the West Coast Vice Chair of the Venable Success Network, an affinity group that empowers Black attorneys through professional networking and educational initiatives. Additionally, Nikki plays a role in the hiring committee for Venable’s Los Angeles office and oversees the workflow of the firm’s summer associate program.

Despite her accomplishments in her field, Nikki keeps a low profile compared to her husband, comedian Langston Kerman. She maintains a private social media account and has no intention of sharing any content publicly.

Langston Kerman and Nikki Kerman First meet

Langston Kerman and Nikki Kerman are a cute couple. In a podcast from August 2018, Langston and Nikki together disclosed a lot of information about their early relationship while also talking about career balance, courtship, and other topics.

According to what they said at the time, the couple met in Chicago at a friend’s house before October 2015. Langston joked that it all began when he bought her a liter of gasoline. They then revealed the details of their “hook-up” story. After their first encounter, they enjoyed themselves and grew close. However, given where he and she lived, Nikki soon began to believe that the distance was a deal-breaker.

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She was persuaded by Langston to just keep talking and get to know each other. However, he claimed it was just him talking after two months. In her defense, Nikki claimed that she was too busy caring for her family and working long hours. Langston eventually convinced Nikki to attend one of his college performances, and that is when they began dating. When asked what about Nikki made him so persistent, Langston responded that he thought she was very attractive, intelligent, and kind.

Langston Kerman Proposed Nikkie Kerman

Kerman shared a funny but adorable Picture of crying Nikkie Kerman when he proposed to her on AUGUST 6, 2018 on his Instagram.

Langston Kerman Propose Nikkie Kerman

I asked my girlfriend to marry me yesterday, and then this is the face she made, and I immediately knew I had made a huge mistake.

Source: Instagram

Langston Kerman and Nikkie Kerman’s marriage

Langston and Nikkie were in a long-time relationship before they got married. The couple got tied down to marriage on 5th October 2019.

Langston Kerman Marriage Nikkie Kerman

On the 6th of October 2019, Langston posted a wedding post saying “Yesterday I married the love of my life and it’s the happiest I’ve ever felt. I’m still going to introduce her as my sidepiece though.”

Langston Kerman shares a Picture of his pregnant wife announcing their pregnancy

Langston took to his Instagram account on May 3, 2021, to share a photograph of his wife wearing a blue swimsuit while displaying her pregnant body for the first time. In his post, Langston addressed the rumors that had been circulating about him and his ability to father a child. He expressed his frustration with the negative gossip, stating that it had been hurtful to both himself and his new family.

Langston went on to refute the rumors, stating that his “nuts” were in working order and that they had not been “horribly mangled” in a boating accident, as had been speculated. His message was clear: the rumors needed to stop, and the hurtful speculation needed to come to an end.

By sharing the photograph of his pregnant wife, Langston also made a statement about the joy and excitement that he and his family were experiencing during this special time. He showed pride in his wife’s body and in their growing family, sending a positive message to his followers and fans.

Langston Kerman shares a heartwarming message to celebrate the anniversary and impending arrival of his first child

On October 5, 2021, Langston Kerman, an American comedian, and actor, posted a picture on his social media account featuring him and his wife, Nikki, holding hands together. The caption accompanying the picture revealed that the day marked both their anniversary and the due date of their baby. Langston expressed gratitude for both occasions and added that he was hoping for the arrival of their baby on the same day so that he could combine the celebrations and gift-giving.

The post also featured an affectionate message for his wife, as Langston expressed his love for her and his excitement at the prospect of celebrating future anniversaries with her. He ended the post on a lighthearted note, promising to get her a bounce house for their next anniversary celebration.

Langston and Wife Share Joyous News of Baby Girl’s Arrival on Social Media

The couple had the joyous news of welcoming their little bundle of joy, a baby girl, on October 7, 2021. Eight days after the baby’s arrival, on October 15, Langston took to social media to share the happy moment with the world. He posted a photograph featuring himself, his wife, and their new addition to the family, little Kensington.

In the caption, Langston revealed that the baby girl had quickly become his new best friend, and he expressed his immense pride in his wife, @nikjk86, for bringing someone so precious and unique into their lives. He also shared that Kensington had a particular fondness for nursing and that life was indeed beautiful in such moments.

As of today, Langston’s baby girl is 1 year old. He recently shared a post on Instagram about his family on Valentine’s Day. He posted a picture of his wife Nikki and their daughter Kensington saying “Happy Valentine’s Day to the two girls who cuss me out the most. Someone please help”.