Kym Thompson, an Australian surfboard designer, Killed in motorcycle crash in Thailand

Many people are dying day by day. Some by freak accidents others from diseases or some misfortunes. Kym Thompson was one such man who lost his life through a bad misfortune that befell him and take away his life.

Kym was well recognized Australian surfboard sensation who departed to the high heavens after crashing his motorbike at Chon Buri.

What Actually Happened to Kym Thompson?

Kym Thompson’s bike dashed into an electricity pole while avoiding a truck that turned around a junction on November 1, 2022. CCTV has also shown how Thompson was flung and thrown from his bike and skidded alongside the road. Rescuers said the Australian businessman died at the scene having broken his neck, arms, and legs in the accident. His bike was seen near the tragedy site with its bodywork severely came damaged.  Katawut Tangkaew who was an eyewitness said…  “He was dodging the trailer at the intersection. The motorcycle was traveling very fast.”

Thompson who hails from Torque, Victoria, set up the surf brand Water Cooled in the 1970s before moving to permeate to the lovely Asian nation of  Thailand, where he worked with the local brand Cobra.

The company also reported in a statement… “Kym was one of the Cobra Core Team members. He came to Cobra with his Water Cooled brand from Australia back in the ‘80s with the dream of shaping amazing boards and developing a mass-production solution for the surfboard industry.’

“Kym achieved these goals and so many more along the way, a true industry legend that will be missed by many. Our condolences to the entire Thompson Clan.”

From the tender age of 15, Thompson made designing surfboards his life’s work, designing and shaping everything from single-fin boards to multi-fin configurations. Thompson also began shaping longboards and as the short board era took hold, he transitioned his designs to meet the demands of the market.  

There will be also a funeral service will be held in honor of the now-deceased Thompson at Samnak Bok temple in Chonburi before his cremation on November 6, 2022.

Where was Kym Thompson Born? What was his profession?

Kym Thompson was born in Torque, Victoria, and Australia to happy Australian parents.  He transferred to Thailand and went to promote his Water Cooled Brand. He was a successful businessman and one of the key members of the Cobra Core Teams

Kym Thompson was an ace surfer and one of the best surfers in Australian history. He achieved what the surfer athlete could earn throughout his career. He was highly interested in surfing since his early childhood times. His passion grew over years.

Kym Thompson Accident

To enhance his obsession with surfing, Thompson even made several designs for surfboards and men from single–fin boards, and double–fin boards all the way to multi-fin boards. His works and designs made many surf lovers take notice. Many surfers loved his surfboard design.

His business thrives very well in Australia and later when he transferred his business to Thailand. His business also blossoms with time. In Thailand, he was loved and respected by the local population of Thailand.

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As of now, the local Thai people, Kym’s parents, and fans are currently in deep shock and grieving for him, We here wished that the soul of Kym Thompson will find peace and bliss in the almighty heavens above.

Was He Active on the Social Media Site Like Instagram?

Going through intensively on the Kym Thompson social media site. We came to know that Kym Thompson could be found on Instagram too and has gained around 233 fan followers.