Who is Kylen Schulte? Age, Family, Wife, Net worth, Wikipedia, Bio, Lesbian Couple Found Died outside a Camping Spot

Kylen Schulte and Crystal Turner, 38, also known as Crystal Beck, a missing lesbian pair from Grand County, Utah, were found shot to death outside a camping spot on Wednesday.

Kylen Schulte, 38, and Crystal Turner, 38, also known as Crystal Beck, were last seen leaving a tavern in Moab on Saturday. The next day, one of the ladies did not show up for work, and her pals claimed on social media that the couple had called them on Saturday night to say they needed to change campsites because of a “weird campsite close them that I was worrying them,” according to KSL.

Footage Shows Last Time Slain Camping Couple Seen Alive

The Daily Beast uncovered surveillance video of a dead Utah couple smiling and conversing with pals at a local tavern the night before they vanished, complaining about a “weirdo” camped near them in the countryside.

Kayla Borza, who was one of the last persons to see Kylen Schulte, 24, and Crystal Beck, 38, alive, said, “We were just having a great night, having a couple of beers, and all they said was there was a weirdo [staying] next to them.” “And that was the end of it.”

Borza told The Daily Beast that neither of them revealed any more information about the unusual individual, adding, “I don’t know why the creep wanted to kill them.”

According to bar manager Arielle Beck, the couple, who married in April, were semi-regular patrons at Woody’s Tavern in Moab. They weren’t heavy drinkers, according to Beck, who isn’t related to Crystal Beck. They came in “maybe once or twice a month,” he added.

Further Information

They arrived at the pub at 6 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 13, and departed around 9 p.m., Beck told The Daily Beast, adding that she didn’t see anyone speak to Schulte and Beck that night except Borza and her companion, and that “nobody followed them out the door.” Despite the fact that police and local media have stated that Schulte and Beck were last seen at Woody’s on Saturday, August 14, Arielle Beck, who worked both nights, claims they were only there that Friday.

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Schulte and Beck’s bodies were discovered in the La Sal Mountains, Utah’s second-highest range, four days after they were reported missing. According to officials, the two had been shot to death while camping in the Utah mountains. The macabre discovery was revealed by a family friend who felt obliged to conduct her own search for the couple after becoming irritated with the police’s lack of progress.

The killings rocked Moab, which has a population of 5,200 people, and are especially painful for Schulte’s parents, who lost their 15-year-old son to gun violence in 2015, according to Cindy Sue Hunter, who discovered the remains last Wednesday.

Kylen Schulte Age, Date of Birth, Birthday, Family, What about her father, mother, Where is she from? Early Life

Kylen Schulte has died at the age of 24-years-old.

Kylen Schulte Age

Unfortunately, the details of his parents, siblings, and other family members have not been published.

Kylen Schulte Net worth, How much did she earn?

Unfortunately, the details of her income have not been revealed.

However, by looking at his profiles and living standard her net worth must be in the millions.

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It is assumed that her net worth must be $50 hundred thousand to $1 million.

Kylen Schulte Partner, Her Relationship, What about Children?

According to a report, Kylen Schulte and Crystal Beck, a married pair. But the details of her children have not been revealed.

Kylen Schulte Wife

Kylen Schulte Career, What is his profession?

An autopsy was performed on the bodies and they were sent to the medical examiner’s office.

The gunman’s identity has not been revealed by the Greater County Sheriff’s Office, but a spokesman said the evidence gathered thus far leads investigators to believe the shootings were an “isolated occurrence,” albeit they believe the deaths were homicides.

Sheriff Steven White told KUTV, “We believe it was an outside party.” “At this time, no firearms have been recovered from that area.”

What happened to Schulte and Beck?

Schulte and Beck, who had recently married, were believed to camp in the area frequently, according to friends.

When Schulte, 24, and Beck, 38, went missing, a friend uncovered a distressing discovery on Wednesday: two women had been shot to death on a gorgeous roadway through a national park. They were identified as the missing women on Thursday night.

Kylen Schulte and Crystal Beck were well-versed in the Moab highlands, gliding from one camp to the next in the Utah desert with ease. The married pair went missing a week ago after apparently telling acquaintances that a stranger they met scared them away.

“Kylen and Crystal informed their close pals that there was a stranger camping nearby who was frightening them! “And that the campgrounds should be moved,” Schulte’s father, Sean-Paul, posted on Facebook on Wednesday. ” They’ve been missing for four days and nights now! ”

Calvert shared a photo of Schulte in a white gown and Beck, who also went by the name Crystal Turner, in a black suit at her recent wedding. They exchanged hugs.

What does her family say?

Kathleen Schulte, Schulte’s grandma, described her as “like sunlight lighting up any place she entered into and she liked to laugh” on Facebook. We will never be able to recover from this catastrophe, but we will let the joy of her memories overcome us.”

Schulte had worked as a cashier at the Moonflower Community Cooperative in Moab for four years, according to a Facebook post, and “was typically the first pleasant face that many of our owners and customers greeted when walking through the door.”

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Moonflower and the Moab community will miss her genuine compassion, dazzling vitality, and tireless work ethic.

Beck’s aunt said she saw the couple at family graduation in May. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen Crystal so happy in her life. He said on Facebook, “Those two were very happy together.”

The Grand County Sheriff’s Office did not specify whether she had a suspect or a motive for the double homicide, but it did declare there is “no immediate public danger.”

Where she attended her High school and University? What was her major?

Most probably she must have completed her education in her hometown. But the exact fact of her education has not been unpublished yet.

Kylen Schulte Social Media Reach

She is not on social media.

Kylen Schulte FAQ’S

Who is Kylen Schulte?

Kylen Schulte and Crystal told close friends that there was a weirdo camping near them that was freaking them out.

How old was Kylen Schulte?

She was 22-year-old at the age he died.

Who is Kylen Schulte Husband?

She was a lesbian and her name was Crystal Beck. 

Is Kylen Schulte an actress?

No, she was not an actress but she was a lesbian.

Is Kylen Schulte alive?

No, she is not alive.

Kylen Schulte’s Body Appearance Height, Weight

Height   N/A
Eye ColorBrown
Body TypeFit
Sexual OrientationStraight


Interesting facts about Kylen Schulte’s which you should know

Zodiac SignScorpio
Net Worth $50 hundred thousand to $1 million
Single/ In a relationship Married
Current Girlfriend/ SpouseCrystal Beck