Everything to Know About Krysten Ritter’s Siblings Bailey Taylor Including Parents

Bailey Taylor is a photographer who works for a company called BTphotography. She started her career as a freelance photographer and now shares information about her business on social media. Taylor usually works alone and takes pictures at events and special occasions for her clients. In this article, we will have a closer look at Bailey Taylor’s life, parents, and sister.

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Bailey Taylor is 26 years old as of now

Bailey Taylor is a 26-year-old person who was born on July 8, 1996. This year, she will be turning 27. Her zodiac sign is Cancer. Taylor grew up in the countryside of Shickshinny, Pennsylvania with her parents, an older half-sibling, and other members of her family.

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Growing up in the countryside, Taylor may have enjoyed outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, or camping. Cancerians are often known for their nurturing and empathetic personalities, which could have influenced her career choice as a photographer, where she can capture and express emotions through her photos.

Who are the parents of Krysten Ritter and Bailey Taylor?

Bailey Taylor and Krysten Ritter are half-sisters because they share the same mother, Kathy Taylor. However, they have different fathers. Taylor’s father is Ronald Taylor, and Ritter’s father is Garry Ritter. Even though Ritter was born in Bloomsburg, she was raised in rural Shickshinn.

Bailey Taylor Father

Ritter’s father, Garry, introduced her to music at a young age, teaching her how to play the guitar. But her parents’ marriage didn’t last, and her mother, Kathy, divorced Garry when Ritter was 12 years old. Kathy later remarried Ronald Taylor, and they had Bailey together in July 1996.

Ronald and Kathy were farmers, and Ritter helped out by taking care of the family’s cows and bulls. Ritter used to ride her bull, Jake since they didn’t have any horses.

Bailey Taylor’s sister, Krysten Ritter

Krysten Alyce Ritter is an American actress, singer, and model. She became famous for her role as Jane Margolis in the TV show Breaking Bad. Ritter started her modeling career when she was 15 years old. A modeling agent noticed her at an event in the Wyoming Valley Mall. She has worked with several modeling agencies, including Elite Model Management Agency and Wilhelmina Models.

Bailey Taylor Sister Krysten Ritter

Ritter has traveled to many different places like Tokyo, New York, Paris, and Milan for her modeling work. She has appeared in magazines, catalogs, and runway shows. Ritter is also an accomplished actress and has been in many TV shows, movies, and music videos. She has won awards and has been nominated for many accolades for her work.

Ritter has also directed episodes of TV shows like The Girl in the Woods and Jessica Jones. These episodes won Webby Awards. Her next project is a miniseries where she will play the character Sherry Cleckler.

Krysten Ritter and Bailey Taylor’s sisterhood is very strong and jolly

Bailey Taylor is the maternal half-sibling of Krysten Ritter, who is a well-known actress. The two sisters are very close, and Ritter even gave Taylor the nickname “Bay.” Taylor recently graduated with a degree in exercise science, and Ritter was there to support and encourage her throughout her studies.

Bailey Taylor and Krysten Ritter Family

Despite having different fathers, the sisters have a strong bond and enjoy spending time together. They watch movies, travel, shop, and work out together. In 2016, Taylor even accompanied Ritter to a ceremony.

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Ritter always remembers Taylor’s birthday and expresses how proud she is to have her as a younger sister. Their different fathers don’t affect their relationship in any way. On Twitter, Taylor frequently talks about how important her older sister is to her.

Bailey’s sister Krysten Ritter’s partner is the frontman of “The War on Drugs”.

On June 5, 2014, the couple started Adating after meeting at one of the live concerts of The War on Drugs. The band’s frontman, Adam Granduciel, is an American guitarist, singer, and songwriter who was previously a member of The Violators.

Ritter was a big fan of The War on Drugs and often attended their concerts. She and Granduciel had an artist and fan relationship at first, but eventually, they fell in love and started dating.

Krysten Ritter Shares A Baby With Her Partner

Krysten Ritter has a son named Bruce Julian Knight Granofsky whom she shares with her partner Adam Granduciel. Bruce will be turning four years old this year. In February 2019, Ritter announced via Instagram that they were expecting a baby, and she shared a photo showing off her baby bump in a maroon gown.

The couple welcomed their child on July 29, 2019, and named him Bruce Julian Knight Granofsky. Junior Granofsky is now three years old.

Although Ritter shares pictures with him on social media, she hasn’t revealed his face as it’s usually covered in the photos.