Who is Krystel Davies? Aged 35, Dies after hit by a train, Family, Husband, Kids, Profession

Krystel Davies is a former student of Swansea University who has recently been in the headlines after being hit by a train. She was a 35 years old kind woman.

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Krystel Davies dies after being hit by a train.

Krystel Davies, a former Swansea University student, died at the age of 35 after being hit by a train on the Cherry Hinton bypass in Cambridgeshire.

A popular young woman described as a “very kind and gentle person” was tragically killed when she was hit by a train.

Carole Wiles has spoken of her family’s shock and heartbreak after learning that her daughter Krystel Davies died on January 23 after being hit by a train at the Cherry Hinton bypass in Cambridgeshire. She was 35 years old.

Miss Davies’ sudden and tragic death is being treated as a mystery by her family, as her mother stated that she had spoken to her daughter only 10 minutes before and that they were on their way to meet.

“She would come over mine on a Saturday and Sunday,” Mrs Wiles said.

“My husband picks me up from where I work at the hospital and on the way back we call to hers to pick her up and she comes over. My husband had chest pains when I got to the car and I decided to take him back into hospital and I had a phone call from Krystel to say we hadn’t picked her up.

“I told her what happened and she was asking: ‘Why is he in hospital?’

I said that I had just dropped him off and the wait would be about six or seven hours. Told her to go to the bus stop near where she lives and to get on the bus and meet me at the train station where we would meet. I told her that I would call her back in 10 minutes.

I rang her back and asked her: ‘Are you on the bus?’ and she said no but that she would be there in two to three minutes. I told her I was nearly at the train station and that I would buy tickets and that I would wait for her. She said: ‘Okay’. That’s the last I heard from her – she never made it to the train station.

“She did not jump in front of the train. We’re wondering whether she decided to walk down the track – how we don’t know, because you can’t get on it. I’ve checked for about three miles along – there’s no holes in the fencing, nothing. She hasn’t appeared on either of the two cameras that are there either.

“I usually get on that train so I know exactly what time she died. It’s very difficult because we know she didn’t commit suicide. We have got no answers at the moment and we might never have the answers. I’ve told the police to check the cameras because they are very dark.”

A fundraising campaign has been launched to assist with the costs of Krystel’s funeral.

Krystel Davies Age, Family, and Early Life

Krystel Davies was a 35  years old lady.

Miss Davies was born in Northampton, but her family relocated to Wales when she was a child. She was well-educated, having studied nursing at Swansea University and completed training at Singleton Hospital as part of her course, with the ultimate objective of becoming an operating department practitioner (ODP).

Davies and her family moved to Cambridge after her time in Swansea, where she pursued her education at Anglia Ruskin College. She eventually accomplished her career ambition, and her work led her to New Zealand for a year.

krystel davies family

Krystel was a member of the Brownies as a child and had a passion for music, having played the clarinet in orchestras in Bridgend. She enjoyed athletics as well and was a member of a netball team in Brackla, Bridgend. Davies was also a member of the St John Ambulance service.

She enjoyed going out with her pals and traveling to far-flung areas such as New Zealand and Fiji in her spare time. Her mother Carole, sister Kelly, and father Harvey were all close to her.

Krystel Davies career, What was her profession?

Krystel studied nursing and was able to achieve her goal of being an ODP.  She worked hard and even got the chance to work in New York.

Which school and college did she go to? What was her major?

She was well-educated, having studied nursing at Swansea University and completed training at Singleton Hospital as part of her course, with the ultimate objective of becoming an operating department practitioner (ODP).

Her Net worth, How much does She earn?

The earnings and income details of Krystel are confidential at the moment. We will update in case of any info acquired on her earnings.

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Was Krystel Davies married? Any children?

There are no details on the married life of Krystel Davies at the moment. We aren’t sure if she is married or not, as no one has mentioned her husband and children for now.

Does she have a social media presence?

The social media of Krystel Davies is no longer reachable.

Body Appearance of Krystel Davies‘s Height, Weight

HeightN / A
Hair colorDark red
Eye colorBrown
WeightN / A
Body typeFit
Sexual orientationStraight

Interesting facts about Krystel Davies’s you should be knows

Zodiac signN / A
Relationship StatusN / A 
ChildrenN / A
SpouseN / A