Kobayashi Masahiro, Japanese Film Director, dies at 68

Kobayashi Masahiro, Japanese Film Director, dies at 68

Kobayashi Masahiro was a Japanese film director. He was a writer and producer. He was a very renowned director in the Japanese movie scene. Masahiro has won many awards and honors throughout his career.

Kobayashi was the founder of Monkey Town Productions and made three films that won prizes at three consecutive editions of Cannes. His final film was Lear On The Store, starring Nakadai Tatsuya.

Award Winning Japanese Director, Kobayashi Masahiro, passed away at age of 68

The Award winning Filmmaker Kobayashi Masahiro, died in Tokyo on August 20, 2022. He was battling cancer for five years, according to reports. Kobayashi was one of the best directors in the country. He has won many awards as his first debut directing movie became an award winning movie.

As Kobayashi was a heavy smoker who smokes upwards of two packs a day.In January he smoked in a hotel’s non-smoking room and later he compensated by giving 175 euros and later shifted to another hotel. In his autobiography also we can see , he started drinking alcohol at the age of 32 and developing alcohol addiction six months in. However, he states he does not wish to quit smoking. Also this caused his death in 2022. And was suffering from Cancer for 5 years.

Kobayashi’s Professional Career

Kobayashi became the first Japanese filmmaker to win the Grand Prize at the Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival. In its wake, he founded Monkey Town Productions and made three films back to back which won prizes in three consecutive years at Cannes.

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He has done many movies in his career. And also has won many prizes and awards for the films which he had directed.

Kobayashi’s Filmography

He has done altogether 16 movies in his career.

He has made Closing time(1996), Kaizokuban Bootleg Film(1999), Film Noir(2000), Man Walking on Snow(2001),

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Perfect Blue:Yume Nara Samete(2002), Amazing Story(2003) , Flic(2003), Bashing(2005), The Rebirth(2007), The Happiness(2008), White Night(2009), Haru’s Journey(2010), Women on the Edge(2011),

Japan’s Tragedy(2012), Strangers When We Meet(2013) and Lear on the Shore(2016).

Kobayashi’s Awards and Achievements

He has won prizes in three consecutive years at Cannes:

Kaizokuban Bootleg Film(1999) and Man Walking on Show(2001) and Koroshi(2000) in the Directors Fortnight.

His movies like: Amazing Story(2003), The Rebirth(2007)

and Where Are You? (2009) were invited in competition to Festival del Film Locarno. The Rebirth has won four prizes at the 60th Festival del Film Locarno Prizes.