Everything on Kiely Rodni Parents, Father, Mother and Family

A 16-year-old teen known as Kiely Rodni was found dead after nearly two weeks of searching after she last appeared at a high school farewell party in Truckee, northeast of Sacramento. 

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In what circumstances did Kiely Rodni die, what happened to her?

Kiely Rodni was missing for more than two weeks, she went missing after she attended a large party on Friday night August 5, 2022, at a Prosser Family Campground. She was last seen by her friends at the party around 12: 30 am.  Along with her, her Honda CR-V which was silver in color was also missing. Her missing was reported and it was announced by Authorities on August 6.

While investigating it was revved that the last signal from her phone was received around 12: 33 am on the day of her missing and footage was recovered showing Kiely at a Truckee business a few hours before the party where she was wearing a black tank top.

After her sudden disappearance, her mother Lindsey Rondi requested people to help her find her missing daughter via  Video. Similarly, following her missing, it was announced by authorities that her case was investigated dunder possible abduction as they were unable to locate her vehicle or anything possible information that would help them lead in her missing case.

By August 10 More than 7,000 hours of search time had been logged by more than 220 law enforcement personnel from local sheriff’s offices, the Truckee Police Department, the California Highway Patrol, and the FBI. Helicopters searched the neighborhood, as well as the neighboring Interstate 80 and Highway 89, for Kiely’s Honda. There were 500 citizen answers to an information tip line as the reward for Kiely has risen up to $7.5K.

Adventures with Purpose

However, the authorities announced that a volunteer organization called Adventures with Purpose announced it would head to California to join in looking for Kiely. It was an underwater sonar search and recovery dive team helping to find missing Kiely and Regrettably, shortly before 2:30 p.m. on Adventures with Purpose in a Facebook post.

In 14 feet of water, upside down, Sunday reported that its divers “just found Kiely Rodni” and her vehicle. The group said that the car’s license plate matched the one previously made public by police to help identify Rodni’s vehicle, a silver 2013 Honda CRV.

Authorities have not yet validated the organization’s claims, stating that the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office, Placer County Sheriff’s Office, and FBI are still conducting their investigations. The group claimed to have alerted law authorities and Rodni’s family.

Kiely Rodni Age, Family, and Early Life

The date of Kiely Rodni’s death indicates that she was 16 years old, so we assume she was born around 2006. As little information regarding her personal life has surfaced over the internet, we do not have any specific information regarding her date of birth, which makes it difficult to find any specific information about her right now.  

kiely rodni family

However, she was born and raised in Truckee, California, USA. She was born to her mother Lindsey Rodni but we do not have any detailed information regarding her as nothing specific is known to her people only know her as the mother of Kiely and they got aware of her when she came forward asking for help to find her later daughter who was missing for more than two weeks then. Likewise, we do not know the name of her father but according to the sources available on the internet he is an entrepreneur and was devastated by the death of her daughter.

We do not know if Kiely was the only child as nothing personal about her family has been disclosed in public which gives us limited access to her family background as a result we will update about Kiely having any siblings or cousins if we get any lead regarding them in near future as currently, we do not have any information regarding the having any siblings.


She was a student and used to study at Forest Charter School where she completed her high school recently and she had currently joined Sierra College for her further studies. Likewise, it has been also revealed that she was in a relationship with her boyfriend at the time of her death as her boyfriend is named Jagger Westfall.

However, he has not confronted the public about his late girlfriend’s death but most of the sources on the internet claim that she was in a relationship with him. Since, her personal life has not been widely documented online at this time, making it is difficult to find specific information about her. We will update this section if we get anything more related to her and her life in the near future.