Is Hillside Strangler, Kenneth Bianchi still alive? Age, Height, Wife, Family, and Net Worth

Kenneth Alessio Bianchi is an American serial killer, kidnapper, and r*pist. He is known for the 1977-79 Hillside Strangler murders committed with his cousin Angelo Buono Jr., as well as for murdering two more women in Washington by himself.

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Chilling mystery of The Alphabet Murders where three little girls were abducted, r*ped & killed ‘because of their NAMES’

 THREE little girls were abducted, r*ped, and strangled to death in a cold case that has never been solved – and one of their only clues was the chilling link between their names.

The mysterious triple killing is dubbed The Alphabet Murders – as each girl who lose their young life had double initials, CC, WW, and MM. All three victims, Carmen Colón, Wanda Walkowicz, and Michelle Maenza, all 10-11 years old, were kidnapped, s*xually assaulted, and murdered.

And even more chillingly – their bodies were dumped in locations near Rochester, New York, which were also beginning from the same letter as their names.

Carmen was found in Churchville, Wanda in Webster, and Michelle in Macedon.

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It is one of America’s most enduring mysteries – and now criminologist and author Christopher Berry-Dee told The Sun Online that he believes he has cracked the case.

The first victim, ten-year-old Carmen vanished after running an errand for her family. She was spotted entering a pharmacy on West Main Street and then going into a nearby parking lot. Her half-n*ked body was discovered two days later.

An autopsy revealed the child had been r*ped, beaten on the head, and eventually strangled.

Over a year later in April 1973, 11-year-old Wanda Walkowicz disappeared after buying groceries for her mum. Her body was found in the town of Webster the following day. An autopsy report later revealed that she had also been r*ped and strangled.

The third victim, Michelle Maenza, 11, was reported missing after she failed to return home from school. The girl’s body was found two days later in Macedon. Same as in the cases of the other two girls, Michelle had been r*ped and strangled to death.

All three cases share a series of similarities including the girls’ age and background. They all came from Catholic families and were not doing well at school- they were cast as loners.

Kenneth Bianchi Age, Family, and Early Life

Kenneth Bianchi was born on May 22, 1951, in Rochester, New York, to an alcoholic s*x worker who gave him up for adoption two weeks after he was born. He was their only child and was adopted in August 1951 by Nicholas Bianchi and his wife Frances Scioliono-Bianchi. Bianchi graduated from Gates-Chili High School in 1970.

kenneth bianchi family

Bianchi was deeply troubled from a young age, with his adoptive mother describing him as “a compulsive liar” from the time he could talk. He would often fall into inattentive, trance-like daydreams where his eyes would roll back into his head. From these symptoms, a physician diagnosed the five-year-old Bianchi with petit mal seizures.