Ken Bruce 6 Kids & Wife: Everything to Know

Ken Bruce is a British radio presenter and broadcaster. He was born on February 2, 1951, in Glasgow, Scotland. Bruce is best known for his work on BBC Radio 2, where he has hosted the mid-morning show since 1992.

Ken Bruce began his broadcasting career in local radio, working for various stations in Scotland and England. In the early 1980s, he joined BBC Radio 2 and presented several shows before landing the mid-morning slot in 1992. His show, “The Ken Bruce Show,” is a mix of music, celebrity interviews, and quizzes, and it attracts millions of listeners.

Bruce is recognized for his warm and engaging style, as well as his extensive knowledge of music. He often features popular music from various genres, including classic hits, rock, pop, and occasionally country and folk. Bruce is also known for his daily music quiz, “PopMaster,” where listeners compete to answer questions about music trivia.

Besides his radio work, Ken Bruce has appeared on television programs such as “Top of the Pops” and “Eurovision Song Contest.” He has also hosted live events and concerts, including the annual BBC Proms in the Park.

Ken Brue Early life

Bruce was raised in Glasgow from birth. Before becoming a chartered accountant, he attended Glasgow’s Hutchesons Boys’ Grammar School. The first job Bruce had was washing cars. Bruce began his career as a broadcaster at the Glasgow Hospital Broadcasting Service. Later, he worked as a staff announcer for BBC Radio 4 Scotland. He joined Iain Purdon as one of the original Nightbeat presenters in November 1978, when BBC Radio Scotland launched. After that, Charles Nove joined the presentation schedule. Additionally, he hosted a show on Saturday mornings.

He took over the mid-morning slot in 1980, and in 1983, he hosted a daily entertainment show in the afternoon. In the late 1980s, he hosted his morning show on the BBC World Service.

The Tracks of My Years, Bruce’s autobiography, was published on September 4, 2009: The Story of My Life.

Bruce took over as Stoke Mandeville Hospital Radio’s patron in September 2018, succeeding Freda Roberts, the station’s long-time patron, and co-founder.

Ken Bruce’s Married Life Explored

Ken Bruce has been married three times in his lifetime. He has children with all of his wives. Let’s explore his wife and children in this section.

Ken Bruce WIfe

Ken Bruce is currently married to Kerith Coldham. The couple got married in the year 2000. With Kerith he shares 3 children. Ken Bruce was formerly married to Fiona Fraser from 1976 to 1988. The couple could not work things out any longer and thus got divorced.

After Fiona, Ken Bruce married Annie Gilchrist. Ken Brue was first wife Anne Brue, whom he married in 1990. He has two sons from his first marriage. However, He divorced his wife after five years of their marriage in 1995. 

Ken Bruce meet  his current wife Kerith Coldham at Eurovision

Ken recently shared the delightful story of how he crossed paths with his wife, Kerith Coldham, at the Eurovision Song Contest. It was the year 1998, and the grand event took place in Birmingham. Kerith was involved in the program as a broadcast assistant, diligently contributing her skills behind the scenes.

As fate would have it, Ken and Kerith discovered they had many shared interests and began spending time together. Fast forward 15 years, and they have built a beautiful life together, blessed with three children. Their journey began within the colorful and enchanting world of Eurovision.

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However, Ken’s involvement in Eurovision was not planned or anticipated. In 1988, his colleague from Radio 2, Ray Moore, was initially designated to cover the Eurovision event. Unfortunately, due to illness, Ray was unable to fulfill his commitment. In a fortunate turn of events, Ken, who had joined the station as a temporary replacement in 1982, was given the opportunity to step in and take over the commentary duties.

Ken Bruce’s children

Ken Bruce is a man with a remarkably extensive family, consisting of six children who are the product of his three marriages. The names of his six children are Murray, Verity, Campbell, Douglas, Charlie, and Kate Bruce.

Ken’s previous relationships were relatively short-lived. He first met Kerith at Eurovision in 1998, and they subsequently got married in 2000. Kerith is the mother of three of Ken’s children. However, Ken’s marriage to Anne Gilchrist, which took place in 1990, ended in divorce in 1995. Together, they have one child. Additionally, Ken has two children from his former wife Fiona. All of his children have now reached adulthood.

Ken Bruce Wife and Children

Among his children, Murray Bruce holds the distinction of being Ken’s firstborn son, while Verity Bruce is his second son. In addition to these two, Ken is the proud father of four more children: Campbell, Douglas, Charlie, and Kate Bruce.

Ken Bruce’s son, Murray Bruce has Autism

The BBC Two documentary series “Inside Our Autistic Minds” featured Ken Bruce and his son Murray Bruce, who suffers from autism.

Murray, on top of that, has autism. Bruse is a helpless father who wants nothing more than for his children to grow up healthy and worry-free.

Ken hypothesized that the world would be better if every family had a child with a special ability or disorder. Ken said that a diagnosis might take a long time. Due to the fact that so much of the behavior seems normal, autism is difficult to define.

He went on to say that many kids like to play the same games over and over again. Murray is a bundle of joy to Ken because he always gives him and his family hugs and a beautiful smile. Murray speaks less than the other people.

He is accustomed to taking charge, holding hands with others, and instructing them to do as he pleases. 

Chris Packham asked Murray to come up with ideas for a movie’s script after meeting the father and son. After reading the letter Murray wrote while filming Springwatch, Packham, who has Asperger’s Syndrome, broke down in tears. 

Packham goes on to say that he asked Murray, “What would he say if Murray had all the world stage to speak for non-speaking autistic people?”