Karla Xiomara Zelaya Godoya, was found dead in a small Grave

A LONDON mother, Karla Xiomara Zelaya Godoya was found dead in a small grave in Peru after what is believed to have been a terrifying audio recording from her partner was reported to the police.

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Police believe the boyfriend of a Londoner who was killed while on a romantic trip may be concealing in the UK.

After her boyfriend allegedly sent police a murder confession, a British mother was discovered dead in Peru. Police are looking for Karla Xiomara Zelaya Godoy’s Peruvian partner Jorge Alfredo Minaya Garay, who is believed to be hiding out in the UK after her body was found buried in a blue bag in Lima. Karla, a dual citizen of Spain and Honduras who resides in London, visited the South American nation last month to see Garay.

The couple traveled to popular tourist destinations like Machu Picchu and Lima, sharing photos of their ideal vacation on WhatsApp. According to reports, Karla, who is the mother of an eight-year-old girl, last spoke to her mother on September 22 while traveling with Garay to see his grandmother in the north of Lima. She informed her mother that she would be leaving for Spain the following day, but when she failed to return, her family filed a missing person’s report. Then, police got a hold of an audio recording of Garay talking on the phone to Erick Zelaya, Karla’s brother.

He allegedly confessed to killing Karla and burying her body on his grandmother’s property in a remote part of Carabayllo, Lima, where the crime took place. Karla’s remains were discovered by police on Monday, October 10 in a blue bag buried in a small grave.


Garay reportedly left his home with Karla Xiomara Zelaya Godoya on October 1 and traveled to Chile before purchasing a ticket to London, where he is thought to have taken his belongings.

According to reports, his grandmother confirmed he was at her house, but he left without saying where he was going. She has many who love and miss her, her distraught brother Erick said in a statement to local media at the time of her disappearance. Additionally, she has an eight-year-old daughter who is terribly missing her. He claimed that Garay was a quiet man and that his sister and Garay had been dating for more than a year.

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Karla Xiomara Zelaya Godoya had most recently called him on a Peruvian sim card she had purchased there, he continued. Karla and Garay allegedly met at the UK headquarters of the facility management firm Pioneer-FM Ltd. The Peruvian Embassy in London and the Metropolitan Police have both been contacted by The Mirror for comment.