Mexico's National Defense Force Commander, Jose Silvestre Urzua, shot and killed

Mexico’s National Defense Force Commander, Jose Silvestre Urzua, shot and killed

General Jose Silvestre Urzua the affable commander of Mexico‘s National Defense Force, passed away on Thursday while serving his country.

A Mexican National Guard general was killed in a shootout with gunmen.

On November 24, General Jose Silvestre Urzua passed away in Zacatecas while carrying out his duty against organized crime. He was alongside four other soldiers, but they suffered fatal injuries and are currently recovering. In a statement after his death, the state prosecutor’s office said that “General Urzua died during a fight with armed persons, and four additional members of the National Guard were injured.” The perpetrator of the act was also murdered at that time.

Added they. He was treated at the Secretariat of Public Security hospital by helicopter shortly after being shot. At least five suspected criminal fatalities were also reported, according to some trustworthy sources.

A robust operation made up of businesses from all three tiers of government is reportedly being maintained in the region to track out individuals responsible for the incident, according to the police department.

The governor of Zacatecas, David Monreal, tweeted,

“We who make up the State Peacebuilding Table regretfully inform you of the demise of General Jose Silvestre Urzua Padilla, coordinator of the National Guard in the state. We send our sympathies and condolence to his family and friends”. “I have circulated the instructions so that we get updates as soon as possible on everything that happened during conflicts in Zacatecas. We will not rest in our fight until we eliminate every one of them, pacify the state, and deal with crime, the desire to which the general gave his life. Rest in peace Silvestre Urzua,” Monreal added in his statement.

PRI group headed by Ruben Moreira in the Palacio de San Lazaro expressed his disbelief in the death of General Urzua Padilla, who died doing his duty, said “We stand with his family, friends, and the Mexican Army, who are the victims of organized crime.

Jose Silvestre Urzua Age

We demand justice for every single of our brothers in this new unfortunate event, in which those who watch over the safety of Mexicans today suffer irrecoverable casualties”.

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We are sending our heartfelt condolences to Jose Silvestre Urzua’s beloved family and friends. May god bless his soul and give his family all the strength in this tough time.

General Jose Silvestre Urzua, one of Mexico’s highest-ranking commanders and the chief of its Zacatecas branch.

About his early life

General Jose Silvestre holds a Mexican nationality and he belongs to the white ethnic group.