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Holocaust Survivor, Hannah Pick-Goslar, dies at 93

Hannah Pick-Goslar was a German-born Israeli nurse and Holocaust survivor most remembered for her close friendship with writer Anne Frank. The sisters attended the 6th Montessori School (named after Anne Frank in 1957) in Amsterdam and afterwards the Jewish Lyceum.

One of Jewish diarist Anne Frank’s closest friends, Hannah Pick-Goslar was passed away at the age of 93. The Anne Frank Foundation gave tribute to Pick-Goslar for helping to preserve Anne’s memory by sharing tales of their youth. Pick-Goslar is mentioned in Anne’s well-known diary about her life in hiding from the Nazi occupants of the Netherlands. It did not reveal information or the cause of her death.

The foundation said, 

“Hannah Pick-Goslar meant a lot to the Anne Frank House, and we could always call on her”.

Pick-Goslar said,

“She was a girl who wrote beautifully and matured quickly during extraordinary circumstances”.

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Early Life

Hannah Pick-Goslar was born on 12 November 1928 in Tiergarten, Berlin, Germany. She holds an Gemini Nationality and she belongs to white ethnicity. Her Zodiac sign is Scorpio.

Hannah Pick-Goslar the eldest child of Hans Goslar [de] and Ruth Judith Klee. Her father was deputy minister for internal affairs, and the ministry’s chief of public relations (Leiter der Pressestelle) in Germany until 1933, while her mother was a teacher. Both of her parents were observant Jews.

Hannah Pick Goslar Family

Hannah Pick-Goslar married Dr. Walter Pinchas Pick; the couple had three children and settled in Jerusalem. She had eleven grandchildren and more than 31 great-grandchildren.

Hannah Pick-Goslar and Anne Frank Hannah are close friend. Pick-Goslar worked as a nurse for children. They went to the Jewish Lyceum after attending Amsterdam’s sixth Montessori school, which was given Anne Frank’s name in 1957. At the concentration camp Bergen-Belsen, they crossed paths again. Goslar and her younger sister were the only family members to be saved from the Lost Train and live to tell about it. They both immigrated to Israel, and they shared their experiences as Holocaust survivors.


She appeared in many documentaries associated to Anne Frank, first in the 1988 Emmy Award winning documentary by Willy Lindwer Laatste Zeven Maanden van Anne Frank (The Last Seven Months of Anne Frank) (The Last Seven Months of Anne Frank). She helped with information to the 1995 documentary Anne Frank Remembered and the 2008 documentary Classmates of Anne Frank.

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The 1997 book Memories of Anne Frank: Reflections of a Childhood Friend, by Holocaust author Alison Leslie Gold, is based upon lengthy interviews with Hannah. The 2009 television film Mi Ricordo Anna Frank is based on this book. A dramatized portrayal of Pick-life Goslar’s and close connection with Anne Frank, titled My Best Friend Anne Frank, was released in 2021.