What is Goku Cult aka Blue Jacket Cult TikTok Trend? Explained, How to do it?

Goku Cult: The Blue Jacket Cult, like the Vegeta Cult, is a group of people who promote and use their famous animated characters. Here, a group of people create various animated images and use their favorite character, Goku, and turn him into a blue jacket.

 The blue jacket Goku image is then used as a profile picture. Different people utilize different blue jacket Goku images as their profile pictures, resulting in a big number of people with roughly similar profile photographs engaging and commenting on various topics, resulting in the construction of a random but interesting pattern.

Who started this Blue Jacket Cult trend?

Every now and then, there is a new cult that trends on TikTok, and Blue Jacket Cult is also one of them. It was started by a TikTok user called .____.gokutard, back in June, and since then the cult is rising on TikTok.

All the cults are related to only profile pictures, where all the TikTok users follow the trends by changing their profile picture according to the trend. And the trends of the Blue Jacket Cult are not different.

How to Make Goku Blue Jacket PFPs TikTok?

Well, making Goku Blue Jacket is as your profile picture (PFP) is not a difficult thing. Firstly, there are already a huge number of unique images that people have created, so creating your own image does not seem necessary.

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And, the next spet is just to change your PFP to the picture of Goku with Blue Jacket, and join the social media crowd.

We can find many people already doing so, and then we can join them to create a great-looking pattern and make your favorite animated character famous in TikTok.

What is the difference between the Goku Blue Jacket Cult and the Vegeta Cult?

Very much like the Blue Jacket Goku Cult is about Goku from Dragon Ballz anime, the Vegeta Cult is about the screw-up character Vegeta from a similar enlivened series.The solitary contrast between these two is that in Vegeta Cult, the person Vegeta wears a green coat instead of the blue one which Goku wears.

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Thus, these patterns are basically the same and the lone distinction is the extemporization of shadings and characters. All things considered, the uplifting news for other person sweethearts is that you can make numerous different factions along these lines.

As a result, these trends are extremely similar, with the exception of color and character improvisation. The good news for other character fans is that you may establish many more cults in the same way.

Blue Jacket Cult trending on Tiktok.

With passing time, we have known that TikTok is not just about content and trends, but also about some non-confined content, which is not solely for entertainment.

Meaning, like shopping and retails are engaging in TikTok, sharing wallpapers, and creating pictures of your favorite animated character for using as profile pictures are also a thing. Recently the Vegeta Cult was trending on TikTok which had a Dragon Ball z character with a green jacket and different facial expressions.

goku cult tiktok

Hence, people used to pick such unique pictures and put it in their profile pictures as a trending thing. With such an easy trend on the web, it is obvious that different but related trends will arise. Hence, now the Blue Jacket Goku Cult is all over TikTok.

Very much like the Vegeta Cult, the Blue Jacket religion is a gathering of individuals advancing and using their popular enlivened characters.

Here a gathering of individuals make distinctive energized pictures and utilize their number one person, that is Goku, and make him ear blue coats.