A perspective into the future of online and offline gambling

Gambling and online betting are not fully regulated around the world, especially when it comes to online activity. The future holds the power of change. Some Governments plan to change or add Gambling Laws and consider people’s safety.

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The beginning of gambling in Canada

In Canada, for example, in 1970, gambling was starting to become legal and accessible to ordinary people. In 1985 the law gave access to every province to make its rules on gambling games such as slots, charitable gaming, and lottery tickets. The first Canadian casino opened in 1898 in Winnipeg.

Online gambling here falls into a grey area. The bookie that wants to operate in Canada needs to be licensed or owned by a province. If one bookmaker does not fulfill the requirements, it’s illegal.

Advantages of online casinos

The comparison between online and offline casinos will always be a hot topic. This is not because one category is better than the other; instead, you can look at both sides of the story and choose which floats your boat.

A Wider Game Variety Means More Bonuses

Online casinos offer a large variety of games. As opposed to land-based casinos, you can find more gaming alternatives in one place and claim real money promotions at home specific for those games. In fact, they are produced by different developers and have distinct themes and symbols.

For example, an online casino can have Keno, Bingo, Slots, Poker, Roulette, and other legal casino games on its pages. A land-based casino might have some but on different levels or areas in the building. This variety at a land-based establishment is correlated to how much space it has. The space conditions the opportunity of bringing more and newer games. At an online casino, it’s all up to paying the developers for the products and uploading the game on the website.


This era is the era of people connected to their phones 24/7. You can find anything and do anything on your phone. You can shop, find information, read a book or get the best soup recipe.

There is no doubt that playing games in your home are more comfortable than going to a specific place to do so. You can be with your friends and watch a movie while checking the odds for your favorite team’s game.

Bonuses and offers

Online casinos offer bonuses from your first day on the website. Most online casinos that operate legally in Canada give Welcome Bonuses when you open an account.

If you don’t want any bonuses at first, you can check the promotion page and look for seasonal offers. Make sure you read the rules for any reward you want to use.

Limited social interaction

People with anxiety will choose to gamble in a safe space. Home is a safe space, so the interaction between them and other players can be limited with two clicks in Live Casinos. They can also choose to play just games and never try the Live Casino feature.

Live casinos mimic the authentic casino atmosphere but with some differences. There is no limit to some playing tables, such as in Online Blackjack. You can write and communicate through a live chat tab with other players and the croupier, but only if you want to.

Land-based casinos advantages


Even though it’s more comfortable to bet at home, online activity can’t bring the atmosphere of a land-based casino there. Live casinos mimic the experience, but it won’t be 100% the same. In a reputable land-based casino, you also have to wear certain clothes.

Casinos were places where the rich gathered and showed off their best clothes. Therefore, etiquette still matters in some physical casinos and brings the atmosphere to another level.


Service in casinos is connected to history as well. Brick and mortar casinos with a good reputation offer dining and entertainment, and they always did. They also have VIP rooms with exceptional services and facilities.

Smaller casinos usually have free bars that can give you special drinks or regular ones.


Casino interactions are unique if you love people. Gambling establishments are a social place. People teach others rules and tricks about the games or get to know the new technologies. You can choose to ignore and don’t engage in conversations, but it will be hard!


Online casinos have pages for each type of game or a Live Casino with all the live alternatives. In a physical casino, you have different areas with different games and different floors with separate facilities.

What does the future look like for casinos?

Gambling websites have to change and improve constantly. This means they have to bring new ideas, games, and experiences for players. Virtual reality is the next stop for the gambling industry.

Developers started making games for virtual reality. There are virtual casinos, where it’s only you and the croupier, and even games where you can interact with other players. You can find free 3D animation games for Oculus like Poker, Blackjack, and Bingo.

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What about land-based casinos?

The future of land-based casinos is robots. Robots and Artificial Intelligence are already used to develop security systems, secure payments, and experience in casinos. Some casinos worldwide already have robots as dealers or to help at the bar.

In conclusion

The beginning of the future is quite clear. Artificial Intelligence will advance enough to make physical casinos safe places from all points of view. It will also help online casinos develop more and bring players into a virtual space precisely like a real casino.

The first step into the future is not the development of websites but rather the changing and updating of the Gambling Laws everywhere in the world. The Laws are distinct but not well-established in each state, which can confuse people more.