Fred Biondi Parents and Siblings

Fred Biondi is a renowned Brazilian golf champion who has left an indelible mark on the sport. As evidenced by his Linkedin profile, he was recognized as a Forbes Under 30 honoree in 2022. Fred’s journey as a golfer began at the Club Med Academy in Port St. Lucie, Florida when he was just fourteen years old.

Currently, Fred is a valued member of the Gator Golf Team representing the University of Florida. His outstanding skills have earned him the distinction of being ranked as the number one golfer from Brazil and Latin America in the World Amateur Golf Ranking (WAGR). Furthermore, Fred was awarded the prestigious Player of the Year title by the Florida State Golf Association (FSGA) in 2016.

Throughout his career, Fred Biondi has accomplished numerous feats that showcase his talent and dedication. He emerged as the champion in the 62nd and 63rd editions of the Boys Junior Amateur Championship. Additionally, he secured a remarkable victory at the 104th Florida Amateur tournament. Notably, Fred achieved a commendable second place at the Latin America Amateur Championship (LAAC). Within a month of this achievement, he led his team to triumph at the Gators Invitational, winning both the team and individual titles. In the same season, Fred conquered the Calusa Pines Collegiate Tournament, further solidifying his prowess.

Fred’s exceptional performance garnered attention from various prestigious events and organizations. He was named as a candidate for the Haskins Award, an accolade recognizing the outstanding collegiate golfer in the United States. Fred also had the privilege of participating in the 2022 US Open, a notable milestone in his career. Breaking new ground, he became the first Brazilian golfer to compete in the Arnold Palmer Cup, where he emerged victorious alongside his international teammates.

Meet Fred Biondi parents

Fred Biondi was born to his parents Maricota Biondi and his father Fernando Biondi. His parents are both very supportive of him and have always been there for him throughout his ups and downs.

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Fred Father Fernando Biondi

Fred Biondi’s dad, Fernando Biondi, is a businessman who knows a lot about marketing. He’s a partner at a company called Bullet, which is all about storytelling.

Fernando really values his family and his work. He shares lots of posts on Instagram about his family and his business. He’s proud of his wife and sons, and he makes time to celebrate their big and small achievements.

You can find Fernando on Instagram with the username @feof. He has over 1.3k+ posts and almost 2.5k+ followers.

Sometimes, Fernando uses a different name for his professional profiles, like on LinkedIn and the Bullet website. On those sites, he goes by Fernando Figueiredo.

Fernando started working at Bullet in 1989 as a Director of Business and Planning. In 1994, he got promoted to Partner Operational Division. He stayed in that role for more than six and a half years before becoming the President and Senior Partner in December 2000.

Since August 2006, Fernando has been the Group CEO and Senior Partner at Bullet. He also works with Nlok Coffee, the Amaz Project, and Astride in the United States.

Maricota Biondi is Fred Biondi’s mother

Maricota Biondi, the mother of Fred Biondi, is an accomplished baker and businesswoman. Maka Macaron is a website owned and run by Maricota that sells delectable macarons.

Like her spouse Fernando, Maricota values her family. She updates her Instagram followers by posting pictures and updates about her family life. On her social media accounts, she does not miss an occasion to promote her online bakery.

Every year on March 8th, Maricota, 53, celebrates her birthday. On March 8, 2021, Fernando posted a post to Instagram wishing his partner Maricota a happy 50th birthday.

Fred Biondi Mother

According to her LinkedIn page, the native of So Paulo is also a co-founder of Nlok Coffee, a coffee store with headquarters in Miami, Florida. Fernando, who invested in her business, and she opened their coffee shop in January 2022.

In January of this year, her So Paulo, Brazil-based online bakery Maká Macaron was established. Because Maricota divides her time between Brazil and the United States of America, it is unknown if she still manages Maká Macaron by herself or through workers.

Fred Grew up in Golf Loving Family with his sibling

Fred Biondi grew up in a family that loved playing golf. His grandfather owned a golf course and played the sport regularly. Fred had a passion for the sport since the tender age of three. Because of his family’s passion for golf, Fred also became deeply connected to the game from a young age. His maternal grandfather, who was also a dedicated golfer, not only encouraged Fred’s love for golf but also managed a golf course, creating the perfect environment for Fred to develop his skills.

When Fred was a child, he often visited the golf course with his maternal grandfather, who started playing golf when he was very young, according to Fred’s father, Fernando Biondi. Despite playing soccer as a kid, Fred spent a lot of time practicing and improving his golfing abilities.

Fred Biondi Parents and Siblings

As a young person in Brazil, Fred played golf as an amateur. Eventually, he moved to the United States to attend the Club Med Academy. By the time he finished his studies, Fred had won the Florida Junior State Championship twice and was considered one of the best young players.

Fred’s parents worked hard to maintain their businesses in Brazil and spend time with their eldest son in Florida. They divided their time between the two countries, providing Fred with significant support during the early stages of his career.

Fred also has a younger sibling named Leo Biondi, who is a professional gamer. Leo, also known as Kyno, competes in world championships as part of the M80 squad in the online game Rainbow Six Siege.