Faye Dunn, Former England Female Footballer, was sentenced to three years in jailed

Faye Dunn was a professional women’s football player, born in 1984 who played for Leeds, Tranmere, and in England. Dunn is in the news headlines because of becoming involved in a million-pound drug trafficking plot. As of now, Faye Dunn is in jail for three years and nine months by the government of England.

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Ex-England Female footballer Faye Dunn screams jailed after becoming involved in drug trafficking plot

Faye Dunn aged 38, was arrested at an airport when cops found a million-pound cannabis trafficking operation. She was arrested at an airport in England in the case of a cannabis trafficking operation.

As per the reports, Dunn who played for Leeds, Tranmere, and England was “an accountant for an organized criminal enterprise” and smuggled unfair cash abroad, the Liverpool crown court Said.

The ex-soccer player cried “I can’t believe this” as she was sentenced to three years and nine months in prison.

It is also found that she became an “accountant for an organized criminal enterprise” when the Covid-19 pandemic affected her businesses and got into a heavy loss.

Police Reports of Faye Dunn’s Drug Smuggling Case

As per the police reports, Dunn and her convicted drug smuggler dad Michael Dunn used the encrypted communications platform EncroChat to smuggle and supply the drugs.

One message from Dunn to her dad who handled and supplied the cannabis – said: “You reckon you can move five trees from by you over to me mate, or too risky?”  He responded: “Not tonight, roads too quiet. Can do it tomorrow.”

Some days later, she bought an £11,200 watch through one of her business accounts. An image of “tick list or any accounting record” found on EncroChat showed that she had made a total of £1,155,548 after smuggling drugs.

In other messages between Dunn and her father – sent while on a trip to the port of Santander in Spain – Dunn said that she feared she was being tracked by authorities and polices while hiding cash in her trousers. They always use encrypted messages for not to be found by the police and they can run their drug business smoothly.

 Faye Dunn’s smuggling operation

Faye Dunn was involved in smuggling more than 24kg of cannabis and laundered £654k of dirty money. She was arrested at Manchester Airport on June 13 and her dad was also arrested by cops on July 11. They both admitted conspiracy to supply illegal business cannabis and money laundering.

Judge of the Drug Smuggling case, David Potter said: “Recent events in this city show how innocent people can get caught in a spiral of violence of organized crime groups. And he also said, “Quite simply, it was into this trade that you have both willingly participated with the sole intention of significant financial reward”.

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Judge Davis also added that “I accept that you are a woman of effectively good character intelligent, successful, motivated sportswoman and as well as the mother of high achieving children. “You came to this illegal trade as a result of the failure of your businesses due to the COVID-19 pandemic and you took your considerable management skills into the trade of drugs and weeds and you didn’t think about your two children when you became involved in dirty crime.”

How much did she earn while being involved in Drug Smuggling?

On April 2, 2022, she sent a user by the name of LedZeppelin an ‘image of what appeared to be a tick list or accounting record’ which showed the total income of £1.1 million plus additional funds generated in Spain.

The sheet also documented expenditures of £431,700 which includes £100k on house, £25k on cars, and many expenditures for her needs.