Watch Ezra Miller Farm Twitter Viral and Leaked Video here

Watch Ezra Miller Farm Twitter Viral and Leaked Video here

Ezra Miller Farm Video- Ezra Matthew Miller is an American actor. Miller’s feature film debut was in Afterschool, which they followed by starring in the drama We Need to Talk About Kevin and The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

Video leaked Ezra Miller now accused of housing mom and 3 kids

The reported behavior of Ezra Miller was particularly troubling. According to Rolling Stone, the actor lives with his mother and her three young children in an area where drugs and firearms are readily available. The report comes after The Flash star received two consecutive suspensions last month.

Miller, a non-binary person who uses the pronouns she/them, reportedly lived on a 96-acre farm in Vermont with a 25-year-old mother and her children, who ranged in age from one to five. The one-year-old apparently found a loose ball and put it in his mouth at one point. The publication’s analysis of the footage “shows at least eight assault guns, rifles, and pistols scattered about the living room, some propped up next to a heap of plush animals.”

The father of the kids and two other unidentified people also contributed to this article. The two sources “confirmed seeing the kids and their moms there and described a hectic environment that was unsafe for children,” according to RS.

In Hawaii, where he was detained at least twice this year, Miller first met the girl early this year. Without the girl’s father’s knowledge, the 29-year-old Justice League actor is accused of booking a trip from Hilo for the girl and their three children. Since the children departed in April, he claims he hasn’t seen them or spoken to them.

“I went by means of hell and got here again,” the daddy mentioned. “I have a nasty feeling in my abdomen…I wish to choose up my kids, they imply the rattling world to me.”

Because he didn’t want his children to “see something like this,” the man claimed he didn’t travel to the property with the police or confront Miller right away. I just want kids to understand, “Hey [Dad] show up, let’s get in the car and go.” It hurts enough.

Ezra Miller Farm Video, Marijuana Business

Miller reportedly has a marijuana business and cultivates the drug there. The discoveries state that “two sources also stated that marijuana was often used in large doses in the company of children without respect for proper airflow.”

ezra miller family

Miller’s home apparently received a visit from the Vermont Division of Children and Families (DCF), but social workers reportedly told the father that the children “looked good.” He mentioned that the police disregarded his request.

A Massachusetts mother and her 12-year-old nonbinary child were granted a temporary restraining order this week to stop Miller from being harassed. Reviews claim that the actor hugged the child awkwardly and stroked her buttocks. Miller is accused of yelling at his mother.

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The parents of activist Gibson Iron-Eyed, 18, received orders to protect their children earlier this month. Miller was accused by Gibson’s parents of elevating the child when she was 12 and giving her beer, marijuana, and LSD. They accused Miller of engaging in cult-like behavior as well as physical and mental torture. They claim that Gibson was forced by Miller to identify as non-binary transgender.