Dustin Tinklenberg, 42, was charged after the Brutal Death of his Grandma With an Axe

A man has been charged in connection to the brutal death of his grandmother who was severely deformed by a fatal axe blow, the police have believed. Minnesota native Dustin Tinklenberg aged 42, faces murder charges days after cops found Stella Anderson, 92, with terrible wounds inside her home.

The Kanabec County Sheriff’s Police Officer said on September 13, deputies responded to a home in the 1300 block of Highway 23 in Ogilvie on the report of a woman who had been found dead on her couch, according to the criminal complaint provided by the victim’s Family.

Statement of Family Members of Stella Anderson against Tinklenberg

First responders of Anderson’s family entered the home and found a woman who was “clearly deceased” and didn’t check for her pulse. Law enforcement also said Anderson was lying on the couch with a “major laceration” on her face which was “severely deformed,” from the criminal complaint.

Investigators also told Anderson’s nose was no longer attached to her face and that was placed on top of the blanket covering her body, the complaint states.

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source: KSTP

Anderson’s daughter, Linda Smith, told authorities that she found her mother after when she arrived at the spot to visit with her and help with some chores. When she entered the home, she thought that her mother was napping on the couch.

Moreover, when Lang-Smith tried to wake up her mother, she saw Anderson’s face and she “thought she was seeing things.” After seeing that she quickly ran out of the house and contacted the authorities, according to the complaint.

After a while, when investigators arrived at Anderson’s home, multiple family members were on the front lawn. Anderson’s son told authorities that he believed Tinklenberg was responsible for his mother’s murder and asked if they had found him yet, the complaint states. Law enforcement also located Tinklenberg at the residence of the former significant other and later he was taken into custody.

Tinklenberg Statement After his Arrest

The complaint states that Dustin Tinklenberg told law enforcement that he would stay with his grandmother occasionally because he was a homeless child.

After that, he went on to claim that his grandmother had s*xually assaulted him when he was a child and continues to “take advantage of him” to this day, to the criminal complaint.

Tinklenberg has also allegedly believed that drones were following him around and that someone has performed surgeries on him and that his body was scarred.

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Law enforcement also noted that he didn’t actually have any scars as the complaint reads.

When he was asked about his grandmother’s death, Tinklenberg allegedly claimed that Anderson somehow manipulated the bacon he was eating.

“So I lost it,” he told investigators according to the complaint.

What happened to Dustin Tinklenberg After being Murderer of his Grandmother?

The Ramsey County Medical Examiner said that Anderson suffered seven sharp force injuries on her head. Her manner of death was determined to be a homicide, according to many court documents.

Formal charges are expected for Tinklenberg in the upcoming days. Minnesota court records show that he has had two convictions for burglary which were both within the last year and a half.

The victim’s identity will be publicly released by the Ramsey County Medical Examiner’s Office after some time.

Dustin Tinklenberg is scheduled to appear in court next week.