Donovan McCrary Family: Father Mother, Brother, and Wife

Donovan McCrary, the younger brother of actor Darius McCrary. Born in Los Angeles, California, McCrary’s journey to fame began at an early age and has continued to flourish over the years. In this article, we will discuss some of the interesting facts about Donovan McCrary, exploring his early beginnings, rise to stardom, and notable achievements.

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Donovan McCrary was born in California

Donovan McCrary was born on December 24, 1979, in Los Angeles, California, to parents Chaye and Donovan Howard McCrary. Growing up, he was raised alongside his older brother, Darius McCrary, who is also an accomplished actor. Donovan’s father is a well-known musician, performer, and actor, which may have influenced his interest in the field.

Donovan Mccrary Family

Donovan’s mother, Chaye, hails from New Orleans, Louisiana, but the family settled in Los Angeles, where Donovan spent most of his childhood. He holds American nationality and belongs to the Black Caucasian ethnicity. As a Capricorn, Donovan is known for his practicality, ambition, and determination.

He is three years younger than his brother, Darius

Donovan and his brother, Darius, have a close relationship, with the age difference between them being three years.

Donovan Mccrary Brother Darius Mccrary

Darius, being the older brother, likely played a significant role in Donovan’s life and may have even inspired his interest in acting.

His father was nominated for Grammy Awards

Donovan McCraray’s father, Howard McCrary is a notable musician, actor, and entertainer in his own right, and has made a lasting impression on the music industry.

Howard McCrary’s name first came to prominence when he made it onto the nomination list for the Grammy Awards in 1986. His gospel record titled ‘So Good’ was a major success and helped cement his place in the music industry. Howard’s contributions have not been limited to his solo work, as he has also been credited with various arrangements and vocal performances on albums by Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Chaka Khan, Edwin Hawkins, and many more.

Donovan Mccrary Father

Howard’s musical journey began in Youngstown, Ohio, where he attended North High School. Youngstown holds a special place in his heart as it is where his love for music was born. Although he is originally from Youngstown, Ohio, Howard currently resides in Hong Kong, as confirmed by his Facebook page.

Donovan McCrary is a married man

Donovan’s fans and followers seem to be confused whether he is married or not. Well, the answer to your question is YES.

Donovan Mccrary Wife and Daughter

He is a married man. He has married his beautiful wife, Melove Stone.

Donovan is a father of three children

He and his wife, Melove Stone, have been married for several years and are proud parents to three children – two daughters and a son.

Their eldest child, Serenity McCrary, was born in 2003 and will be celebrating her 19th birthday on July 3, 2022. Donovan often shares pictures of his daughter on his Instagram feed and is clearly proud of her. Serenity and her younger sister, Trinity, are both talented vocalists, and Donovan has posted several videos of them singing together.

Trinity McCrary, their second child, was born on September 17 and has a close relationship with her older sister. She often features in Donovan’s social media posts, and he refers to his daughters as “my Nitys.” It’s clear that Donovan loves spending time with his family and cherishes the moments he gets to share with them.

The youngest member of the McCrary family is their son, Max McCrary. Not much is known about him, as Donovan prefers to keep his children’s lives private. However, it’s evident from his social media posts that he loves all his children equally and is proud of their accomplishments.

Donovan’s children are all grown up now, and he often shares pictures of them on social media, showcasing their beauty and talent. The girls, Serenity and Trinity, are particularly musically gifted, with their father regularly sharing videos of them singing.

McCrary debuted in 1991

Donovan McCrary started his acting career in 1991 with the drama film Boyz n the Hood, where he played the role of Ricky. This debut marked the beginning of his journey to become one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood.

However, it was his portrayal of Edward ‘Eddie’ Winslow in the hit comedy series Family Matters that catapulted him to fame. McCrary’s impressive acting skills and charming personality made him a fan favorite on the show, and he became a household name in no time.

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In addition to his acting career, McCrary is also a talented rapper, singer, and producer. He made his film debut in 1987 as a young actor in Big Shots, and the same year, he made his television debut in Amen. Over the years, McCrary has accumulated over 67 acting credits, showcasing his versatility as an actor.

Darius’ parents are no more together

Darius McCraray’s parents, Howard and Chaye have gone their separate ways a long time ago. However, Howard has since moved on and found love with Ivy Chan. Howard and Ivy exchanged their wedding vows on November 12, 2008, as per Howard’s Facebook posts. Recently, the couple celebrated their 14th wedding anniversary, and Howard shared photos of their celebrations on his social media handle.

Despite being married for over a decade, Howard and Ivy seem to be as much in love as ever. In December 2021, Howard wished Ivy a happy birthday via his Facebook account. He also posted a heartfelt message on their 13th wedding anniversary, where he expressed his gratitude for their love and hoped that it would continue to keep them together.

Howard wrote,

“Well greetings one and all; I can’t believe it is our 13th anniversary! Love brought us together, and may love to keep us together. With loving kindness always.”

Howard’s public displays of affection towards his current wife show that he is committed to their relationship and cherishes her presence in his life. Their long-lasting marriage is a testament to the strength of their love, and their commitment to each other.