Who was Dolores Hughes? Age, Obituary and Cause of Death, Husband, Family

Dolores Hughes is known as Mema in the 2014 reality program Hollywood Hillbillies.

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Mema, aka Dolores Hughes, a star of the reality series “Hollywood Hillbillies,” passes away at age of 76.

Dolores Hughes passed away at age 76.  Hughes’s manager David Weintraub confirmed to the media outlet TMZ. David revealed that on November 9, 2022, Wednesday, Hughes passed away from heart failure at a hospital in Grayson, Georgia, her hometown.

 Dolores’s family also confirmed the news of her death via a social media post, per Yahoo. On the social networking site Facebook, they released a statement.

 “We are heartbroken to confirm the passing of the amazing, beautiful, kind soul of Dolores ‘Mema’ Hughes,” her family wrote in a statement.

Her family revealed the news on social media the following day and wrote:

“We are heartbroken to confirm the passing of the Amazing, Beautiful, Kind Soul of Delores ‘Mema’ Hughes. Mema was a trailblazer in many ways. She never really understood how so many people loved her and wanted to be around her!”

“She definitely didn’t understand Hollywood! But one thing about her, she was a pure comedian genius without trying! Her memory will live on with all the stories and laughs she offered to anyone willing to listen!”


Hughes is married to Paul Conlon and has two children: Dee Dee Peters and John Cox.

The Reelz reality series follows Mema and YouTube sensation Michael Kittrell as they transitioned from a rural Georgia community to Hollywood.

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Along with them were Kittrell’s uncle John Cox, her lover Paul Conlon, and her aunt Dee Dee Peters.

Before being discontinued, Hollywood Hillbillies ran for 23 episodes. Kittrell was the headliner, but Mema quickly emerged as the clan’s breakthrough star.

Dolores was also well-known for her appearances on The Playboy Morning Show and Tosh.0. Hollywood Hillbillies starred Michael “Coopercab” Kittrell, but fans were more interested in Dolores Hughes, who played Mema.