Who is Debbie Rowe? Michael Jackson’s Ex-wife, Blamed For Michael’s demise

Debbie Rowe is an American Skin Doctor’s Assistant best known for her marriage to pop musician Michael Jackson, with whom she had two children. She lives in Palmdale, California. She is popularly known as the Ex-wife of Michael Jackson.

Debbie is also a Dermatology Assistant. She owns and runs the Painted Desert Ranch, a horse breeding ranch in the California Desert.

Debbie Rowe, Michael Jackson’s Ex-wife, surprisingly clued she was partly to blame for Michael’s demise

In a US documentary, Jackson’s ex-wife Rowe, shed tears as she says she could have done more when he got hooked on painkillers. Pop singer, Michael Jackson died of Cardiac Arrest in June 2009 with enough of the powerful tranquilizing Propofol in his system to put down a rhinoceros.

In a magazine, she added, “ I should have done something and I didn’t.” and also added, “There are a number of people that died of addictions, and in some way, she was part of it.”

Debbie Rowe’s Early Life

Rowe was born on December 6, 19,58 in Spokane, Washington. She is the daughter of Barbara Chilcutt and Gordon Rowe. Her Father and Mother ended their marriage a few weeks before her second birthday. She was raised by her mother, her aunts, and her grandmother.

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Her first marriage was with Richard Edelman in 1982 and converted to Judaism. The couple divorced six years later in 1988.

Rowe’s Relationship with Michael Jackson

Rowe first met Michael Jackson while she was working as an assistant in Arnold Klein’s dermatology office, where Jackson was being treated for vitiligo. After Michael divorced Lisa Marie Presley in 1996, a longtime Jackson fan, Rowe proposed to keep up his children. While Lisa and Michael were married, Rowe wanted to have his children and Rowe used to have a crush on Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe got married on November 14, 1996, after it was announced that Rowe was pregnant 1996.

The couple got divorced on October 8, 1999, and Rowe gave the full custody rights of the children to Jackson. The reason behind their divorce is not made public as she finds herself a very private person and almost never gave interviews.

Michael and Rowe’s Children, Where are they now?

Rowe gave birth to a son, Michael Joseph Jackson Jr on February 13, 1997, who was nicknamed Prince. The next year she gave birth to a daughter, Paris Jackson on April 3, 1998. Rowe later stated that she had been artificially inseminated and never had sex with Jackson. Jackson took full responsibility for raising the children.

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Prince and Paris accepted this father’s lifetime achievement award at the 2010 Grammy. Prince Jackson has appeared in various TV shows including guest correspondent on various programs. Paris Jackson also signed a contract with IMG Models and has also started acting.

Is Rowe married after separation from Michael?

In April 2014, Rowe announced on Entertainment Tonight that she was engaged to music producer and former Neverland Ranch videographer, Marc Schaffel, who also worked with Michael Jackson on his 9/11 charity single. He also assisted Rowe with her health problems.