David Gridley wife Marina Gridley Is His Biggest Supporter

David Gridley, born on the 3rd of December, 1990 in the United States, is a multi-talented individual who has made a name for himself as an American actor, writer, producer, and composer. Despite his relatively unknown status, Gridley has dedicated many years to the film and television industries, honing his craft and showcasing his exceptional talent.

Throughout his career, Gridley has made guest appearances in several highly regarded TV programs, including notable shows like “The Last Ship” in 2018 and “Army Wives” in 2013. These appearances have served as stepping stones toward greater opportunities and increased visibility.

David Gridley’s Career explored

Gridley’s acting journey began in 2013 when he made his debut in the short comedy musical titled “O, Angelo,” where he portrayed the character of Angelo, as mentioned in his IMDb biography.

With over ten years of experience in the industry, Gridley has accumulated an impressive list of 31 acting credits. Among his notable roles are performances in films such as “The DUFF” in 2015, “The Last Ship” in 2018, and the TV series “Team Kaylie” in 2019, among others. These roles have allowed him to demonstrate his versatility and range as an actor. One significant milestone in Gridley’s career was his debut in a Hallmark production called “Love in Zion National.” In this love story movie, Gridley portrayed the character of Adam Proudstar, a role that showcased his talent and added to his growing reputation.

Directed by Sam Irvin, the film was entirely shot in picturesque locations in Utah, including Zion National Park and the Southern Kanab region. The script, written by Jacob Cooney and Bryar Freed, provided a compelling narrative for Gridley to bring his character to life.

Love in Zion National” boasts a talented cast, including Michelle Murphy as Milly Tillane, Bourke Floyd as Grady Hollingston, Raquel Gardner as Margot, and Cindy Busby as Lauren. The plot revolves around Lauren, a curatorial assistant on a quest to find historic vases to present to the Pueblo Nation. Along the way, she crosses paths with Adam, a native Puebloan park ranger who becomes her guide and collaborator in achieving her mission.

With each new endeavor, David Gridley has been solidifying his place in the entertainment industry.

Meet David Gridley’s wife actress Marina Gridley

Marina Gridley, a multi-talented individual, is not only the wife of renowned actor David Gridley but also a highly accomplished producer, director, and blogger. One of the most beloved roles among her fans is her performance in the popular production “Minky and Friends.”

Given their shared profession, Marina and David possess a profound understanding of each other’s work. They are each other’s unwavering supporters and also share the joy of raising a son together.

David Gridley Wife Marina Gridley

As per her Linkedin profile, Marina has explored various aspects of the film and television industry. Her versatility shines through her work as a voice actor in theatrical releases, television programs, and national advertisements. Her talent has been showcased in commercials for notable brands such as Google, Allstate, Apple, Acura, Walmart, McDonald’s, and Vitamin Water.

Furthermore, Marina has lent her voice to characters in productions by esteemed companies like Disney, Warner Bros., and Netflix, further establishing her versatility in the industry.

Marian Gridley Career Explored

Marina’s acting career took off in 2017 when she made her debut in the short film “In the Shadows,” directed by Jordan James Smith. In the film, she portrayed the character Beth, as documented on her IMDb page.

In 2019, Marina played the character Zoe in the Argentine musical and romance streaming series “Go! Live Your Way,” which starred Pilar Pascual, Renata Toscano Bruzon, Santiago Saez, and Laura Azzurra. Notably, she also provided the voice for the English version of the character.

Marina’s talent was recognized once again in 2021 when she was chosen to play the role of Rose in the television show “Confessions from the Friendzone.” Throughout the series, she appeared in five episodes alongside actors Tyler Crandell, Eddie Aguirre, and Raychel McKelvy.

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In addition to her acting pursuits, Marina takes on multiple roles for the children’s program “Minky and Friends.” She serves as the show’s writer, producer, director, and host, showcasing her wide range of skills. Fluent in Portuguese, English, and Spanish (informally), Marina brings her linguistic expertise to the program.

Outside of her work in the entertainment industry, Marina is also involved in a postpartum food delivery business and maintains a personal blog. Her blog delves into topics such as nutritious food, motherhood, childbirth, and parenting, offering valuable insights and advice to her readers.

Marina and David Gridley Relationship Timeline

According to their Instagram posts, Marina and David Gridley have been together for at least six years. The couple frequently attends various award ceremonies and gatherings, solidifying their presence in the industry.

While Marina’s Instagram account remains private, David often shares tender and affectionate photos of the couple on his public Instagram page, which can be found under the handle @david_gridley.

The first Post together

Marina and David made their relationship public when they posted their first post together on January 15, 2017. The joyous picture saw David carrying his girl in his arms while having a great time on their trip to Portland, Oregon.

David shared a Video of Marina enjoying her pregnancy

David took to his Instagram on December 22, 2021, to announce their journey into parenthood. In a delightful video, he captured his wife Marina dancing with a playful flair, showcasing her adorable baby bump. David couldn’t resist sharing this heartwarming moment, playfully captioning it as:

David Gridley wife Marina Gridley Pregnancy


The track you didn’t ask for…. But the one you deserve!!!!!


Source: Instagram

David and Marina have an adorable son

TogetherDavid and Marina Gridley have a cherished son who is adored not only by their close loved ones but also by the fans who admire his parents’ work. on FEBRUARY 19, 2022 David shared an adorable picture of him and his son where David is seen kissing his son. likewise, on Mother’s Day David shared a picture of his son and Marina his wife Happy Mother’s Day.

David Gridley and Marina Gridley Children

Happy Mother’s Day to this wonderful woman! We are so thankful and blessed to be loved by you! ❤️❤️❤️

Source: Instagram