Everything you need to know about Dave Fishwick from “Bank of Dave” Including his Net worth and Wife

Dave Fishwick is a British businessman and television personality. He gained fame for his documentary series “Bank of Dave” on Channel 4 in 2012, in which he set up his own bank to help local businesses in Burnley, Lancashire, UK. Fishwick is also known for his successful minibus sales business, and his efforts to support small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Fishwick, who had made his fortune in the minibus industry, became frustrated with the big banks’ unwillingness to lend money to small businesses. He decided to set up his own bank, which he called the “Bank of Dave,” with the aim of helping local businesses get the funding they needed to grow.

The Bank of Dave was not a licensed bank, but rather a credit union. Fishwick raised money from local investors and used it to lend to small businesses in the area. The bank’s success was the subject of the “Bank of Dave” documentary series, which led to Fishwick becoming a well-known figure in the UK.

Dave Fishwick’s Wife Nicola Fishwick is a Biochemist

Dave Fishwick and Nicola Fishwick have been together for 28 years and their relationship began over three decades ago. They met when Nicola visited Dave’s car garage and hit it off immediately. The couple dated for several years before tying the knot and have been together ever since.

Nicola has always been supportive of Dave’s endeavors, but she also keeps him grounded by reminding him of what truly matters. Dave acknowledges her as the reason for his humility and credits her for keeping him grounded.

Dave Fishwick Wife

Whenever Dave returns home from a big meeting or a TV event, Nicola is more interested in serving him his favorite meals, like corned beef hash or cottage pie, rather than discussing his achievements. This, in turn, grounds him immediately and makes him appreciate the simple things in life.

Dave is quick to acknowledge that his wife, Nicola, is far too good for him, as she often tells him. She was a bioscientist, and they have two kids together. Nicola has no interest in money whatsoever and does not have an extravagant lifestyle. She keeps Dave grounded and reminds him of the importance of living a simple life.

Dave Fishwick and Nicola Fishwick share Two children

David and Nicola Fishwick are a couple who have two children together, a son and a daughter. Their son is named Connor Fishwick, while their daughter is named Sarah Fishwick. Both Sarah and Connor live in Lancashire Ribble Valley.

Despite being successful working professionals in their own right, David Fishwick is committed to helping his children succeed in life. Sarah works for an animal charity, while Connor is a police officer.

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However, David has observed that many people who give their wealth to their children end up causing more problems than solutions in the long run.

As a result, David has decided that he will give away 99% of his fortune when he dies. He believes that burdening his children with his riches could ultimately do them more harm than good. In an interview with The Sun, David expressed his desire to see his children succeed on their own merit, rather than relying on their inheritance.

Dave Fishwick was born and raised in the UK

Dave Fishwick is 51 years old. He was born in the month of March 1971. He was born in Nelson, United Kingdom. Tony and Christine Fishwick are the parents of Dave Fishwick. He grew up on a modest terrace with an outside toilet in a town that was facing economic decline after the collapse of the textile industry and the closure of local coal mines. His father worked two jobs: as a farm laborer in the morning and in the mill in the afternoon fixing the looms. His mother also worked in the same mill as a weaver. Dave’s family had to work hard to make ends meet.

During his school years, Dave was bullied because of his NHS prescription glasses. This resulted in him dropping out of formal education at the age of 14. By the time he was 16, he was already working as a builder’s laborer, carrying buckets of cement up and down ladders all day for a meager wage of £27.50 a week.

One bitterly cold day, Dave found himself at a fork-in-the-road point. He realized that he wanted something different from his life. He started to create a roadmap for himself with achievable goals. Dave knew that taking that first step was going to be the hardest one

Dave Fishwick has a Net worth in the Millions

Fishwick is best known for his television series “How to Get Rich Quick” which aired on Channel 4 in the UK. He started his career as a minibus operator in Burnley, Lancashire, where he founded his company, David Fishwick Minibus Sales. He became known for his unconventional approach to business, which focused on building personal relationships with customers rather than following traditional sales tactics.

Dave Fishwick Net worth

In 2011, Fishwick began hosting the Channel 4 series “Bank of Dave,” in which he attempted to set up his own bank to serve the people of Burnley. The show was a success, and Fishwick went on to host “How to Get Rich Quick” in 2018, in which he shared his tips and strategies for making money.

As for his net worth, it is unclear exactly how much David Fishwick is worth. However, according to an article in The Sun, he is estimated to have a net worth of around £10 million (approximately $14 million USD). This wealth has been generated from his successful business ventures, as well as his television appearances and book sales.