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Dan and Renate Maslany: Who are they? Tatiana Maslany’s Parents – Facts You Should Know

Dan and Renate Maslany are the parents of popular Canadian actress, Tatiana Gabrielle Maslany. Tatiana has been seen playing various characters in many movies. She is known for playing in the movies like Orphan Black, (She-Hulk) and many more.

Tatiana Maslany grew up with her parents, Dan and Renate Maslany, in  Regina, Saskatchewan. A Canadian actress Tatiana has always been passionate about her entertainment world, while her parents have always supported her dream which was to be an actress.

The facts all need to know about Tatiana Maslany Parents

Tatiana Maslany’s parents couldn’t be more than delighted by her success in the entertainment world. Her parents have always been by her side since her childhood and they have a great hand in her being one of the most successful actresses in the world. Tatiana’s father, Dan Maslany, was a woodcutter in Canada whereas her mother, Renate Maslany was a translator. Her journey started when she was in grade school. When she was in Highschool, she often had to travel to many places, even so, she never off-tracked the bond and love towards her loved ones.

dan and renate maslany daughter

Tatiana Maslany, however, has not really opened up about her parent’s personal life. Nevertheless, she didn’t talk about her moments with her parents.

Tatiana said, “ Being in high school was weirder to me than being on set. I’d go away for two months and shoot something and be totally at home and then come back to school and be like, “How do I talk to people?” This statement clearly clarifies how supportive her parents are of her and her dreams.

Maslany’s Nationality and Ethnicity

The Maslany family holds Canadian nationality with mixed ethnicity. They are of ancestry Austrian, German, Polish, Ukrainian, and Romanian. While Tatiana was in grade school, she was in french immersion. Meanwhile, her mother, Renate Maslany, taught her German, and later she taught her English.

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Growing up, she learned some Spanish as well. Looking back into her family background, she can be said as a multilingual actress who grew up listening to various languages.

Siblings of Tatiana Maslany

Tatiana Maslany has two brothers, Daniel and Michael Maslany who are accomplished actors in their own fields.

Daniel is an actor, composer, and producer, who worked in a comedy-drama ‘Four in the morning’. Whereas, Michael is a well-known actor for his movies like Solar Opposites, Chained, and so on.