How to Select a Content Writer for Your Blog

    Choosing a new Content Writer for the blog can be very stressful. See these seven steps on how to find the right match. They should guide you in your search and fasten the process.

    A good talent Content Writer can bring your blog to the top, bond with an audience, and bring something new, exciting, and helpful to the writing approach. A bad writer… Well, all kinds of wrongs can happen there. So, let’s see seven simple steps to select a perfect content writer for your blog.

    Define what you need to Content Writer

    Before even starting your search, you should define what exactly you are looking for. You don’t need just another writer. You need a team member, a professional, and an experienced specialist who can bring something exciting to the table. Define what that ‘exciting’ is and start your search with the ideal match in mind. This way, you already have a template to measure all your candidates.

    Look at experience of Content Writer

    Whenever you have an offer, start with the basic information. Look at the resume. See how long they are in the business. Do they have a desired education, and is it important in your case? See where they worked in the past and for how long.

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    It’s preferable to hire writers who already have experience in your niche. An alarming sign is to see many different industries and short-term jobs only. It means a person is still looking for their niche. So, if you want someone long-term, seek reliable, experienced, and well-educated people in your field.

    Read their portfolio

    Next should come to ‌the portfolio. There is nothing more important for a creative professional than their portfolio. You should find everything you need on those pages. For instance, if your blog works with reviews, finding a link like can be a good sign.

    However, you should also pay attention to their writing style, voice, self-expression, manner of addressing an audience, etc. Look for clarity and structure. See that there are no errors or flaws. Lastly, just see how well their writing matches your needs.

    Discuss availability & Budget

    Once you have moved this on the list, it is time to talk to the candidate. Start with their work availability. It’s important to set certain expectations early on. First, you should have your ideal work plan. You may already know how much work needs to be done, how much time it takes, and how many other writers you require/hire. See if your expectations fit the candidates’ availability and preferred work conditions.

    High Quality Content Writing

    Next, discuss payments. How much you are ready to pay vs. how much they want needs to be addressed. Beyond just rates, ask them how they prefer to be evaluated or explain your working norms. For instance, you may pay per a certain number of words, hours, projects, etc. Discussing all these work details will set a solid foundation for future cooperation. 

    Discuss their vision for Content Writer blog

    You also want to be sure that the person you choose for the blog understands what it is about. So, discuss your work. Explain your blog’s purpose, why you have it, what you are trying to achieve with it at the moment, etc. Next, ask candidates for their opinion about the blog, their vision, and how they can add to the work you are creating.

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    This stage is important as you can establish common ground and hear each other’s perceptions of the upcoming work.

    Run a test article

    Test articles are a common part of hiring a writer. You want to make sure that the skills and talent you saw in the portfolio are there. Plus, you give them a test similar to the work you post on the blog. So, you have to ensure their writing style and abilities meet your needs and expectations. A test article will show how well a candidate understands the assignment, can read your clues and instructions, and can fit the created narrative of the blog. So, create such a test and give them to every final candidate.

    Compare them to your main audience

    Lastly, based on what you heard and saw in their work, think about how compatible this person is with your audience. You write for a very specific group of people. Any site runner knows precisely who their target audience is. So, think about whether your candidates fit that image, too. For instance, writers on sites like should understand their client’s needs and hopes. These writers are more similar to the clients than the latter even expect. You also want a professional who can represent your clients in the works they write.

    Bottom line

    Choosing the right person for the team is always stressful. You spend a lot of energy and time seeking the new hire. So, of course, you want to succeed in what you started. Plus, a good writer can be of great advantage to the blog. Hopefully, these simple seven steps will help you in your search. Good luck!