Who is Clix? Meet Famous Web Star, Age, Girlfriend, Wiki, Height, Net Worth

Cody Conrod better known online as Clix is an American gaming Youtuber, Twitch Streamer, and professional Fortnite player. He started gaining recognition after qualifying for Fortnite’s first annual World cup. He is a member of NRG.

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Cody is very well known for being the best one-versus-one player and high ground taker and being one of the youngest professional Fortnite players.

Clix’s Streaming and Gaming History

Cody started streaming on Twitch on November 11, 2017, the same day the Clix Youtube channel was created. He uploaded his first video on April 21, 2018, showcasing a build battle he was in. He later made Fortnite montages before Fortnite’s competitive scene.

The first time Cody qualified for Fortnite’s first annual World cup, he was first place, and won 58K- Cody’s career began to rise exponentially.

Clix’s Relationships

The Fortnite player was romantically related to three girls in total as far as we know, Lina, Diara, and Ripraraa. However, he is single after consecutive breakups with two of his girls.

At the moment, he was in a relationship with his girlfriend, Darla Claire which did not last long. He is also linked to various other girls, for which he has received trolling.

Darla is a social media star and their relationship started in June and did not even last for a month. Similarly, following the breakup, he announced his romantic relationship with Lina. But within 24 hours he also uploaded news about being cheated on by her.

Previously, Cody and Ripraraa were seen taking mirror selfies in the image that Clix posted on Twitter. Although this was nothing unusual, the Fortnite community as a whole started mocking him. Clix was 17 and Ripraraa was 21 at the moment which ignited the trolling, turning their relationship into a joke

Clix’s Net worth in 2022

Cody Conrod has an estimated net worth of 3 Million USD as of 2022. The majority of his earnings come from his Twitch and Youtube channels, where he uploads Fortnite videos.

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He has earned many amounts of money by winning Fortnite tournaments.

Clix’s Followers on his different channels

Clix has 1.95 Million subscribers on his Youtube. He also has around 6 million followers on Twitch TV. He also has 2.1 Million followers on Twitter. Clix has around 2 Million+ followers on Instagram.