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Chandrika Kaul is Reader in Modern History at the University Of St Andrews, United Kingdom. Chandrika is one of the popular Authors from India.

In her collections, some of her key monographs on media and empire include, Reporting the Raj: the British Press and India (2004, 2017) and Media and Imperial Experience: Britain and India in the 20th Century (2014, 2017).           

Know more about Author Chandrika Kaul

From her recent photos, she should be around 40 to 50 years old. This is just our assumption as her real age isn’t been revealed yet. There is no information about her birthday on the web. Chandrika is popularly known as a modern British media and also an Imperial Historian.

Kaul has done much research on her career which isn’t only limited to Indian and British studies as she has also published her research into Maltese history, Portuguese media, and empire, and also in the Empire and Commonwealth Press Union.

Dr. Chandrika Kaul was on BBC’s ‘In Our Time’ discussing the famous poet in India named as Rabindranath Tagore in the year 2015.

Chandrika Kaul’s Family and Early Life

Chandrika is an Indian Author and she comes from an Indian background family. As she is Indian, in the many articles she has talked more about Indian Cultures and Personalities. Kaul is quite private about her personal life as she hasn’t disclosed her family members publicly. There is no information about whether she has siblings or not.

chandrika kaul family

From her childhood, she loved reading new books and she wanted to become a book writer in the future. Chandrika has already done her Ph.D. as she is also named as Dr. Chandrika Kaul. Kaul enjoys dabbling in pottery and is passionate about cricket as cricket is famous all over India.

Is Chandrika Kaul married? Know about her Relationship Status

There is no information on the web on whether Chandrika had married or is still single. But she appears to be married and probably has a husband as she is between 40-50 years old. There is no information or records about whether she had married or not on the virtual platforms.

From different reports, we found that in December 2019, she and two other fellow professors, Dr. Claire Cousins and Professor Anne Magurran, were awarded more than 600k pounds in prestigious research funding, and from that, she received a Leverhulme fellowship worth more than £124,000.

How Chandrika became popular in her Author Profession?

In October 2019, Kaul made her debut appearance on BBC Debate Night and she also presented about interwar BBC broadcasting in her own country India.

From the online sites, Dr. Chandrika Kaul has been awarded a visiting fellowship to work in Cluster of Excellence: Asia and Europe in Global Context at Heidelberg University.

According to Amazon, we came to know that she authored book credits including Reporting the Raj – The British press and India, M.K. Gandhi, Politics and Society: New Perspectives (Palgrave Studies in the History of the Media), The Imperial Experience: Britain and India in the Twentieth Century and many others.

Famous Indian Author’s Career Achievements 

Talking about her Career Achievements, Chandrika is the recipient of the Leverhulme Major Research Fellowship for well-established and distinguished researchers in the humanities and as well as social sciences to complete pieces of original research.

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By her profession, Chandrika Kaul has also provided book publications to cover a wide range of topics, including British Monarchy, modern communications, British media, the British popular press, the BBC, and many others. More than this she has also been involved in studies about the First and Second World Wars, Modern South Asia, especially modern India, India under the British Raj, M.K. Gandhi, and many things about India.