Celebrities Who Love To Gamble

Celebrities Who Love To Gamble

Celebrities Who Love To Gamble – Most people will think that the main perk that comes with being a celebrity is having a lot of money. And that’s true. However, what celebs also have is a lot of time on their hands. If you combine the two, it makes gambling the perfect activity. So, it’s no surprise that there are plenty of famous people out there who love a flutter.

Ben Affleck

We kick off our list of celebrities who love to gamble with someone who takes it a bit more seriously than those playing for fun. Ben Affleck, who is now back with old flame Jennifer Lopez, is one of the most sought-after actors around. In fact, he can turn his hand to anything, which includes playing poker. But, unlike others, Affleck has taken the pastime so seriously that he has played the game professionally, raking in the money.

Paris Hilton

As far as socialites go, nobody is more known than Paris Hilton. And, if you’re a socialite, you’ve got to be seen in all the places where glitz and glamour are staples on the menu. So, learning that Hilton is a regular visitor to Las Vegas is no surprise. She’s also said to have won big on occasions, pocketing prizes well into their tens of thousands of dollars. Of course, you can’t always be out and about, so it makes sense for Hilton to be rumored as an internet casino goer too, where she plays online roulette games and the like.

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50 Cent

It should come as no surprise to see the 50 Cent feature on our list because a lot of his music involves money. It’s part of his brand, so to speak, which means that he’s often off somewhere showing it off. As well as being renowned for placing massive bets on Floyd Mayweather to beat Manny Pacquiao and the San Francisco 49ers to defeat the New York Giants, both of which came in, Fiddy is also said to be a master in casinos, too, with poker and blackjack a couple of games he favors.

Derren Brown

Perhaps a surprise inclusion to many is Derren Brown. But, we had to include him because, unlike many others, he has actually received bans from some casinos in the United Kingdom. While many suggested the reason for this was because he was betting with small stakes and amassing a lot of wins in comparison to losses, others say it’s because he has powers such as misdirection and suggestion in his arsenal, which allow him to be successful in various casino settings.

One thing is for sure, and whether you’re gambling at a land-based venue or online, there’s always a chance that there will be celebrities close by. They have the time and the money to burn, after all. You never know. There may even be a time when you will get the opportunity to head with an A-lister around a poker table, where coming out on top will give you all the bragging rights.