Here’s What We Know About Catherine Giudici Family: Parents, Siblings, Husband, and kids

Catherine Giudici, a renowned reality television personality, rose to prominence as the winner of the 17th season of the widely popular reality show “The Bachelor.” Born on April 29, 1986, in Seattle, Washington, United States, Catherine’s journey in the world of reality TV captured the attention of audiences worldwide.

Catherine’s path to fame began when she became one of the 26 contestants vying for love on the seventeenth season of the well-known ABC series, “The Bachelor.” This dating reality show made its debut on January 7, 2013, and unfolded over the course of 13 captivating episodes.

Prior to her television career, Catherine embarked on a professional journey in the field of advertising. She kick-started her professional endeavors at the esteemed Wexley School for Girls in Seattle. Here, she honed her skills and gained valuable experience as an advertiser. Over time, Catherine’s passion for creativity and design led her to pursue a career as a graphic designer, where she continues to make her mark.

Meet the parents of Catherine Giudici

Catherine Giudici stands as one of the three offspring born to Cynthia Mejia-Giudici and Carey Giudici. Cynthia Mejia-Giudici and Carey Giudici, the parents of Catherine Giudici, lead distinct lives, having gone their separate ways as a divorced couple.

Catherine Giudici Father and Siblings

Carey Giudici is the father of Catherine Giudici

Catherine Giudici’s father, Carey Giudici, is an accomplished developmental editor who founded the esteemed company World Class Editor. From the information extracted from his Facebook profile, He is originally from Atlanta, Georgia, and now resides alone in the enchanting city of San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas. A noteworthy tradition in his life is the annual celebration of his birthday, which takes place on April 3.

During the years spanning from 1967 to 1971, Mr. Giudici pursued his higher education at Long Island University, devoting four years to the study of international studies. Prior to this, he honed his academic skills at the esteemed High School of Music & Arts in New York.

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Catherine has bravely spoken out about her father’s profound struggles with psychological issues. In a candid conversation with Sean on The Bachelor set, she disclosed that Carey had experienced a suicide attempt when she was just 14 years old.

Throughout an extended period, Mr. Giudici grappled with the burdensome weight of depression. In November 2000, an alarming incident occurred that had the potential to be fatal. As a consequence, he made the difficult decision to sever ties with his partner and daughters.

Catherine’s mother, Cynthia Mejia-Giudici is a historian

Cynthia Mejia-Giudici, a renowned historian, proudly embraces her dual heritage as an American of Filipino descent. As the mother of Catherine Giudici, she finds herself overseeing an extraordinary Filipino exhibit at the Seattle Asian Art Museum.

Catherine Giudici Mother

Cynthia’s deep connection to her roots stems from her grandparents’ residence in Pangasinan, a province nestled in the Philippines. Driven by her passion for history, she has diligently delved into the rich tapestry of her hometown, conducting extensive research and gaining profound insights into its past.

During her marriage to Carey, Cynthia was blessed with three wonderful daughters. Alongside her professional pursuits, she prioritized providing her children with a comprehensive education that celebrated their history and culture.

Catherine’s Mother Cynthia Mejia-Giudici filed a lawsuit against her Father Carey Giudici

Catherine’s parents have been estranged for decades. According to E! News obtained a petition for a temporary restraining order filed by Catherine’s mother, Cynthia, against her husband, Carey, back in 2001. According to the documents, Carey exhibited concerning behavior over several months, including threatening to harm himself, causing property damage within their home, and allegedly pushing Catherine’s older sister, Monica.

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Cynthia detailed in the court filings that Carey had previously attempted suicide in November 2000. On June 7, 2001, he intensified his threats by brandishing a knife and shouting, “How would you like my blood on your hands?”

The situation escalated further when he aggressively struck a broom against the wall and left a butcher knife lodged in a buffet table. Cynthia mentioned in her filing that Carey then forcibly pushed her aside, causing her to drop the items she was holding. It’s worth noting that during this time, Catherine’s mother was taking medication to manage her high blood pressure.

Catherine has two siblings

Catherine’s upbringing was not without its share of challenges as she grew up in the middle of her two siblings. In a recent interview, she openly discussed her personal struggles, including the conflicts between her guardians and their eventual separation.

Catherine’s childhood was spent alongside her two sisters, Monica Teal Giudici and India Giudici, in their hometown of Seattle, Washington.

Monica Teal Giudici is the older sister of Catherine’s sister. As per her Facebook Profile, she works as a teacher at The American School of Barcelona. She was born on August 13, 1983. In addition to her teaching career, Monica has been an educator for the San Francisco Unified School District since 2001.

Likewise, India Giudici, who currently resides in Chamonix, France, is the youngest member of the Giudici family and Catherine’s little sister. At 35 years old, she leads a private life and enjoys her time in France with her husband, James Ring, and their young child.

Catherine’s husband, Sean Lowe is a former footballer

Sean Lowe, a former footballer, is the husband of Catherine. Hailing from Arlington, Texas, the 39-year-old athlete was once a Kansas State football player. He showcased his skills during the 2003 Big 12 Championship Game while attending Kansas State University on a football scholarship.

Catherine Giudici Family

Following his appearance on Emily Maynard’s season of The Bachelorette, Sean gained considerable media attention after finishing in third place. His charismatic presence made him a fan favorite during the reality show’s 2012 season. As a result, he was selected as the lead for the 17th season of The Bachelor in 2013.

During his time on The Bachelor, Sean crossed paths with Catherine, and they instantly found a deep connection. She became the love of his life, marking a significant turning point in their relationship.

Catherine married her husband Sean Lowe in 2014

On January 26, 2014, Catherine and Sean tied the knot in a televised wedding special named “Sean and Catherine’s Wedding.” Together, they have three children: Samuel Thomas, born in July 2016, and Isaiah Hendrix and Mia Mejia, born in May 2018 and December 2019, respectively.

Catherine Giudici Marriage

Catherine rose to national prominence in 2013 when she competed for the affection of Sean Lowe, the bachelor on the hit reality show on ABC. Throughout the season, her cheerful personality and strong bond with Sean made her a fan favorite. She ultimately received the final rose and got engaged to Sean Lowe during the season finale. The ceremony was held at the Four Seasons Resort Biltmore in Santa Barbara.

Catherine was one of the 26 contestants vying for Lowe’s attention as the show’s star. Prior to their wedding, the couple appeared together as guests on Jimmy Kimmel Live! They also starred in Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars.

Catherine Giudici is a married woman with a happy little family

Catherine and Sean are the proud parents of three children. Catherine Giudici gave birth to Samuel Thomas Lowe, their first child together, on July 2, 2016. The proud father took to Twitter to share the joyous news of his son’s arrival.

Their second child, Isaiah Lowe, was born on May 18, 2018. Isaiah is one year older than Mia and two years younger than Samuel.

Completing their family, Catherine and her husband welcomed their daughter Mia Mejia Lowe on December 23, 2019.

Catherine Giudici Children

To honor her Asian heritage inherited from her mother, who was born in the Philippines with the maiden name Mejia, Catherine, who was born in Seattle, chose the name Mia for her daughter.

Previously, Catherine had considered having five children, but when she discussed her plans with Beau, he was surprised. They both agreed that four children would be a suitable number for their family. Additionally, they have plans to adopt a child in the near future.