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Carmen Mola is a pen name for a Spanish mystery novelist and university professor who wishes to conceal their genuine identity. They were dubbed “the Spanish Elena Ferrante” by the press. Carmen Mola’s name was covered beneath a sheet produced under the alias Sergio Lopez, which was then hidden beneath a stunning pair of mirrors.

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Carmen Mola, the mystery, wins the Planet, and it turns out that there were three men.

It had been a long time since a Planet Award had been given. It wasn’t quite as shocking as the one given at the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya on Friday night (MNAC). For starters, there’s the massive ordeal disclosed on Thursday, which enhanced the endowment of an ambitious but frozen reward by up to one million euros over the last two decades. More than him has received the Nobel Prize in Literature.

But the news does not stop there; it continues to pour in. Carmen Mola’s name was covered beneath a page signed with the alias Sergio López, which was then hidden beneath a gorgeous pair of mirrors. Something that needs to be explained. Carmen Mola is a pen name that has long been used to conceal the identity of a writer.

‘La Novia gitana,’ ‘La red-purple,’ and ‘La Nena’ in Alfaguara, the publishing business that discovered them, have all been financial triumphs under that moniker. Mola has stayed concealed until date, much like Elena Ferrante, but with a spectacular exhibition of pouring blood, “Not fit for sensitive stomachs,” as it has been described.

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However, a million euros is certainly worth stepping out of the shadows.

And so the surprises continue: Carmen Mola is not Carmen Mola

And so the surprises continue: Carmen Mola is not Carmen Mola, as the mentideros have suspected for years. It has nothing to do with a woman. So you’re a man? Yes, but not both. Lo de Mola is more of a Holy Trinity enigma, for there have been novels written with four hands that have been pretty good: this is the case of Boileau-Narcejac, the authors of the work that Alfred Hitchcock adapted into ‘Vertigo.’ But, as is the case, three authors makes things a little more complicated. with the exception of the Italian band led by Luther Blissett and afterward Wu Ming.

They encounter three television scriptwriters after Carmen Mola: Antonio Mercero, son of the legendary director of ‘The cottage,’ ‘Blue summer,’ and ‘Pharmacy on duty,’ Jorge Daz, and Agustn Martnez. They have worked together on a number of shows, including ‘Central Hospital’ and ‘Vctor Ros.’

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Mercero is also a successful crime novelist, with works such as ‘The fourth death’ (2012) and ‘La Vida desatenta’ (2014) bearing his name. ‘El final del hombre,’ a 2017 series portraying transsexual policewoman Sofa Luna, was followed by ‘The case of the deceased Japanese ladies,’ in 2018. (2018).

Carmen Mola is the pseudonym she uses to remain anonymous and thus be able to “follow living quietly,” as they themselves affirm in all their interviews, in which they also affirm that they are struck by the fact that everyone wants to know who they are. She is a reader of the black and police genre and has been influenced by great masters of the genre such as Fred Vargas, Lemaitre, Alicia Giménez Bartlett, Toni Hill, Victor del rbol, or Lorenzo

 Carmen Mola Age, Date of Birth, Birthday, Family, what about his father, mother, where is he from? Early life.

Carmen is 48 years old, having been born in 1973. He is Spanish by birth and holds Spanish nationality. In 2018, he published his debut book, which was also the first in a trilogy.

carmen mola earlylife

Let us now discuss Carmen Mola’s parents. There is no information on Carmen’s parents at this time. He must be the type to keep his parents’ private lives hidden from the public eye.

Carmen Mola career, What is his profession?

He cites Pierre Lemaitre, Fred Vargas, Benjamin Black, Alicia Giménez Bartlett, and Victor del rbol as influences and defends his protagonist, a powerful figure who deals with a wide range of subjects. Mola had three works published in Alfaguara, making her one of the most prominent national writers in the black and police genres, genres that, in Mola’s view, “will never expire” since they “attempt to understand the world and change at the same time as a society.”

In 2018, his first book, “The gypsy bride,” the first in a trilogy, debuted in the gypsy community with a story about the investigation of a murder, a story that was out of the ordinary and attracted the attention of the reading public, propelling the novel to tremendous popularity. The story follows the investigation of the ritual murder of Susana Macaya on the eve of her wedding by a squad led by Inspector Elena Blanco of the BAC (Case Analysis Brigade).

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His book has been translated into eight languages and has sold over 250 thousand copies, according to sales figures, in addition to being converted into a television series with Diagonal TV and Viacom International Studios, which will air on AtresMedia soon.

Carmen Mola Net worth, how much does he earn?

His book has been translated into eight languages and has sold over 250 thousand copies.

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According to sales figures, in addition to being converted into a television series with Diagonal TV and Viacom International Studios, which will air on AtresMedia soon.

Carmen Mola partner, married?  any children?

The identity of Carmen’s partner is unknown to the wider public. Even if he is married or single is unknown to us. Because he has remained secret, most of his details have yet to be revealed.

Which school and college did he go to? What was his major?

The educational details of this person are not available at the moment. This person might obviously have great educational details.

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However, the name of their university and the high school attended is not available at the moment.

Is Carmen Mola available on any kind of social media Platform?

Carmen Mola has remained a mystery. So, it’s obvious not to find any Mola on any social sites.

Carmen Mola Body Appearance Height, Weight

HeightN / A
Hair colorN / A
Eye colorN / A
WeightN / A
Body typeN / A
Sexual orientationN / A

Interesting facts about Carmen Mola which you should be known about

Full NameCarmen Mola
EthnicityN / A
Relationship statusUnder reviewed
PartnerN / A
ChildrenUnder reviewed
Net WorthN / A

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