Missing: Who is Caps Lock Faren Maguad? Siblings, Age, Wiki, Found or not? Parents

Caps Lock Faren, also known as @capslockfaren, is a Twitter user who allegedly shared a picture of the Maguad siblings’ dead bodies on social media.

The Filipinos requested that social media users refrain from posting or sharing images and videos from the murder scene of the Maguad brothers and sisters, who were killed in North Cotabato. According to criminal branch reports, the girl was just 18 years old, and her brother was 16 years old.

Caps Lock Faren Maguad Siblings Dead Body Picture- Revealed

All the detectives in the Maguad siblings’ case have been working around the clock. Only one of the three victims survived, but the other two siblings were battered to death. Piol, the presiding officer, also requested that the National Bureau of Inquiry launch a separate investigation into the sibling case.

According to the Twitter post, people are calling for justice for the victims and their parents. There are still no suspects in this case, and detectives have declared the murder to be unsolved. There is currently no information available on her, and many people are interested in learning more about Capslockfaren and his sister.

Caps Lock Faren Maguad Age, Family, Early Life

Capslockfaren’s age hasn’t been revealed yet. His real name itself is Caps Lock Fahren. Other than that, we don’t have any information regarding him yet. Any official authorities have still to reveal his personal information. As of now, Capslockfaren is a Twitter account that revealed the picture of dead siblings. He was found guilty due to his Twitter violation and as a result, his account has been suspended.

We will update this section with more information as soon as further information regarding his personal life is disclosed to the media.

Did the Sole Survivor Suicide?

Capslockfaren’s Twitter account has been suspended due to a rule violation, and we do not have sources to reveal the ages of both twins. In addition, both of the siblings’ names were often searched on the internet.

For the last time, the single survivor is at the local social welfare care center. People are still eagerly awaiting the details of the twins’ murder case and voicing their voices in support of justice.

Which school and college did she go to? What was her major?

Currently, we don’t have any information regarding his educational journey.

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We will update this section as soon as his information is out.

Caps Lock Faren Maguad Net worth, how much does he earn?

As of now, we are not sure about his profession.

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Any official authorities haven’t revealed any information regarding his net worth.

Caps Lock Faren Maguad Girlfriend, What about his relationship?

Caps Lock Faren Maguadaguad’s wife or partner has not been revealed yet.

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We hope to get more information on him in the future.

Is he Maguad available on any kind of social media platform?

Capps Lock Faren Maguad is available on Twitter. However, he has been suspended from Twitter due to the rule violation.

Caps Lock Faren Maguad‘s Body Appearance Height, Weight

HeightN / A
Hair colorN / A
Eye color N / A
WeightN / A
Body typeN / A
Sexual orientationN / A

Interesting facts about Caps Lock Faren Maguad‘s which you should be known about 

EthnicityN / A
Zodiac signN / A
Relationship StatusN / A
ChildrenN / A
SpouseN / A


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