Bridget Regan Health, Death Rumors, Husband and Children

Discover the truth behind Bridget Regan death hoax and read on to learn more about the actress’s personal life, including her marriage to director Eamon O’Sullivan and the birth of their two children.

Bridget Catherine Regan is an American actress best known for her roles as Jane the Virgin’s Rose Solano, Kahlan Amnell in the Jane the Virgin television series, Rebecca Lowe/Rachel Turner in White Collar, and Dottie Underwood in Agent Carter.

Early and Professional life of Bridget Regan, From Oregon to New York City

Bridget Regan, a renowned American actress, has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry for her captivating performances on the small screen. Born to Irish American parents in Carlsbad, California, on February 3, 1982, Regan developed a keen interest in acting at a young age. Growing up in a Catholic household, she honed her skills by participating in local productions of popular plays such as Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat in Carlsbad and The Wizard of Oz at the La Paloma Theatre.

After completing her education, Regan attended the University of North Carolina School of Arts, where she pursued a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in drama, which she earned in 2004. Subsequently, she relocated to New York City to pursue her dream of becoming a professional actress.

Although Regan started her career with minor roles in several TV series and short films, her breakthrough performance came in the form of Kahlan Amnell, the female lead in Legend of the Seeker. This was a turning point for her, and she went on to land significant roles in several other popular TV shows, including Agent Carter, The Last Ship, and Paradise Lost. She has also made guest appearances in various other hit shows such as The Rookie, The Winchesters, Batwoman, MacGyver, Jane the Virgin, Grey’s Anatomy, and The Good Wife.

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Apart from her work on the small screen, Regan has also appeared in several films, including The Leisure Class, The Best and the Brightest, Sex and the City, John Wick, Devil’s Gate, and The Babysitters.

Several people believe she deserves her own spin-off series because her character Stevens, Elijah Stone’s attorney, has received such positive feedback from viewers.

Jane The Virgin’s actress Bridget Regan’s death hoax spreads like wildfire, Is she really dead?

Rumors about the death of Bridget Regan, the talented actress known for her role in Jane the Virgin, have been circulating on social media. However, these rumors are false and misleading. The actress is very much alive and active on social media, sharing updates about her personal and professional life with her fans.

In fact, Bridget Regan is in excellent health and is living her healthiest life as of now. The 41-year-old actress has always been conscious of her health and well-being, and she follows a healthy lifestyle to maintain her physical and mental health.

Bridget Regan Death Hoax

In one of her interviews back in 2010, Bridget shared her healthy eating habits, revealing that she always starts her day with warm water and grated ginger, which is excellent for digestion. She then follows it up with porridge, loaded with herbs and spices like ginger, cinnamon, and almonds. This breakfast is not only filling but also warms up the body and provides energy for the day ahead. Bridget also keeps almonds in her car as a quick and healthy snack.

I try to always start the day off right because if I start the day eating something really unhealthy, my whole day goes down the drain. My go-to breakfast is warm water and grated ginger, it’s really good for your digestive system and gets everything going. Then I have porridge with tons of herbs and spices like ginger, lots of cinnamon, and some almonds. It’s really good for you. It kind of warms your whole body up and gets you going, and it’s also so filling. And I keep almonds in my car for a quick snack!

Bridget shared her healthy eating habits

Budget Regan’s Husband Eamon O’Sullivan is a famous director

Bridget Regan’s husband, Eamon O’Sullivan, is a talented director in the entertainment industry. He made his debut in the industry with the science fiction television program Power Ranger Dino Thunder, where Bridget also starred in a few episodes. Eamon worked as an assistant director for 20 episodes of the series, which was created by ABC Family Global and BVS Entertainment Inc.

It’s worth noting that Eamon also directed 18 episodes of the Power Rangers series, showcasing his versatility and skill as a director. The show featured a talented cast, including James Napier Robertson, Kevin Duhaney, Emma Lahana, Jason Davis Frank, Katrina Devine, Miriama Smith, Tom Hern, and Latham Gaines, who all gave their best performances under his direction.

Bridget Regan Family

Eamon O’Sullivan’s work in the entertainment industry didn’t stop there. He also served as an assistant director in the first episode of the British television show Casualty @ Holby City, which aired on August 27, 2005, a year after his work in Power Ranger Dino Thunder. This series was created by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and starred James Gaddas, Ian Bleasdale, Martin Laird, Matthew Wait, and James Anthony Pearson in key roles.

As Bridget Regan’s husband, Eamon O’Sullivan, continues to make strides in his career as a director, fans eagerly anticipate his future projects and look forward to seeing more of his talent on the big and small screens.

Bridget Regan Marriage life and Parenthood with her children

Bridget Regan’s married life is just as successful as her acting career. She met Eamon O’Sullivan, her future husband while filming her series Legend of the Seeker in New Zealand. After dating for a while, they tied the knot on August 15, 2010, in a private ceremony.

Bridget Regan Marriage with her Husband

The couple is blessed with two children, a daughter named Frankie Jean and a son named Bernard “Barney” Moon O’Sullivan. Bridget announced her daughter’s birth in 2010 on Twitter, expressing her pride and joy.

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“”I’ve been keeping a little secret of what I’ve been through for the last nine months… I’m so proud and So excited to announce the birth of our daughter, Frankie Jean. She is beautiful, happy, and healthy and we are so in love. xo”.

Similarly, in November 2017, she announced her second pregnancy on social media and shared several pictures throughout her pregnancy journey.

“39 weeks pregnant and over ordering @sqirlla,”

When Barney was born in 2018, the couple chose to honor their families with his name. They named him after Eamon’s dad, Bernard, while “Moon” is the nickname of Bridget’s father. The family loves to spend time together and often goes on vacations, as seen on Bridget’s social media pages. Bridget’s Instagram is full of adorable pictures of her children and family, showcasing the love and happiness they share.

Bridget usually posts about her family and children’s life, they celebrate the occasion together and travel together, recently she posted a family photo on the occasion of Christmas.