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County Deputy, Brad Johnson, dies in the line with his duty, aged 62

Brad Johnson was a Bibb County Sheriff’s Deputy. Brad Johnson has died in the line with his duty. It is said that his End of Watch was 3:18 p.m. on June 30, 2022. it is confirmed by ‘Sheriff Jody Wade’.

Earlier Thursday around mid-day, Bibb County Sheriff Jody Wade, spoke about the deputy’s heroes who were shot in the line of duty on Wednesday afternoon. Wade express his heartfelt condolence and asked everyone to continue to remember Deputy Brad Johnson’s family.

At 1:45 p.m., Wade said Johnson is going through the final processes to continue to save the lives of people. Sheriff Wade said, “It’s been said that a coward dies a thousand deaths, but a hero but one. Brad Johnson was a true hero.” During his service, he has saved many lives.

Alabama had suffered heavy loss in another law enforcement hero who gave his life while doing his duty to protect the public without concern about his own personal safety,” said Attorney General Steve Marshall.

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Bibb County Deputy Sheriff Brad Johnson and his fellow Deputy Chris Poole were each met with gunfire as they approach an armed suspect who was driving a stolen vehicle off of Alabama Highway 25 on Golfer’s Trail, in a rural area of Bibb County around 4:00 pm Wednesday.

UAB Medical Center

Both deputies were transported by ambulance to UAB Medical Center in Birmingham where they both received emergency treatment as soon as they got. Sadly, Deputy Johnson never recovered from his serious head injury and died on Thursday afternoon.

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After his death, Bibb County Sheriff Jody said “I would like to ask all Alabamians to pause and reflect on the loss of Deputy Brad Johnson and to pray for his family. Deputy Johnson will continue to save lives by donating his organ to sick people.

Deputy Johnson, age 32, was a 7-year veteran of the Bibb County Sheriff’s office. He was visited by his fiancee, two children, and his parents after his death.