Kentucky Bass Webb Facing Lifetime Prison in Double Murder Trial, Head Tattoo & Parents

Bass Webb is a convicted criminal as he has a criminal record. He’s been accused of the assassination of his two ex-girlfriends. Webb is serving a 50-year term for the assassination of a Pendleton judge for the murder of  Bryonia Runiewicz and Sabrina Vaughn, his victims, who have been identified as his ex-lovers.

The murder of Bryia Runiewicz by her former boyfriend, Bass Webb, is a gruesome crime that shook the small town of Cynthiana, Kentucky, to its core. Webb, with a history of violent crimes, had already been incarcerated when he met Bass Web, who was an employee at the Bourbon County jail. Despite breaking up with him due to his jealousy issues, Runiewicz was brutally r*ped and beheaded by Webb, leaving behind her two young daughters.

“THE MURDER” Bass Webb was sentenced for what reason?

The relationship between Bass Webb and Bryia Runiewicz was a tumultuous one. They had met while he was serving time in the Bourbon County jail, where she worked as a corrections officer. Despite the risks involved, they began dating, and it is unclear how their relationship developed.

Just days after their break-up, Webb showed up at Runiewicz’s house in the middle of the night. He forced his way in and proceeded to r*pe her before brutally beheading her. Shockingly, he left her headless corpse on the couch, while her two young daughters slept in a different room.

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Webb drove to the Bourbon County Detention Center, where he had been previously held. He attempted to run over two prison guards, and upon their apprehension, he told them that he had just cut off his ex-girlfriend’s head.

Who is Bryia Runiewicz? Meet the Victim of Bass Webb murder

Bryia Runiewicz was a 32-year-old former Bourbon County jail employee, who was studying to become a law enforcement officer. She was due to begin a job with the Department of Homeland Security three days from the date when she was murdered in her Harrison County home on July 31, 2009.

Bass Webb Ex-Girlfriend Bryia Runiewicz

She had two daughters, aged 7 and 8, whom she was raising on her own. Bass Webb, 31 years old at the time, was already serving time in the Bourbon County jail for multiple charges of attempted murder and assault on corrections officers.

Bass Webb Second Conviction, Sabrina Vaughn

The disturbing criminal history of Bass Webb took another turn in May 2017 when he was convicted of the murder of Sabrina Vaughn. The victim, who had been Webb’s girlfriend, had been missing since 2003. However, it was not until 2010 that authorities discovered her shallow grave in Montgomery County.
The investigation into Vaughn’s disappearance had been ongoing for years, and Webb had been a suspect from the beginning. However, despite the mounting evidence against him, he continued to maintain his innocence. It was not until years later that new evidence emerged, which ultimately led to his conviction.

Bass Webb Ex-Girlfriend Sabrina Vaughn

According to court documents, Webb had choked Vaughn to death in a fit of rage before burying her body in the shallow grave. The details of the crime were chilling, and the revelation of another brutal murder only added to the horror of Webb’s actions.

The conviction for Vaughn’s murder added to Webb’s already substantial prison sentence. He was sentenced to an additional 50 years.

Legal Proceedings

During the trial, Bass Webb displayed a brazen disregard for the legal system and authority. His disruptive and defiant behavior in the courtroom culminated in an incident where he spat in the face of Bourbon District Judge Vanessa Dickson. Despite his outrageous behavior, Webb ultimately pleaded guilty to the murder of Bryia Runiewicz. The court handed him a 50-year prison sentence, which he began serving in September 2012. This conviction was not the first for Webb, who had a long history of violent crimes.

bass webb family
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In addition to his sentence for Runiewicz’s murder, Webb had previously been convicted of assaulting multiple police officers and was serving a 10-year sentence for these crimes. He had also been convicted of attempted murder when he tried to run over the two prison guards who apprehended him after he murdered Runiewicz. This crime earned him a 20-year sentence. Furthermore, he was sentenced to 17 years for another attempted murder charge.

Where is Bass Webb Now?

Later on, A rapist and murderer, Webb pleaded guilty to raping and killing Runiewicz, and he was sentenced to 50 years in prison. He was convicted of the murder of Sabrina Vaughn, and he received a life sentence behind bars.

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As of now, Bass Webb is in prison serving time for his monstrous acts, which include raping, assaulting, and murdering Bryia Runiewicz. In September 2012, a Pendleton judge sentenced Webb to 50 years in prison for the gruesome r*pe and murder of Runiewicz and  Sabrina Vaughn.

His Head Tattoo

Bass Webb Head Tattoo

A Kentucky Murder Suspect came to court with a very interesting new tattoo at a 2016 court hearing. Bass Webb is accused of killing his Ex-Girlfriend in Montgomery County in 2003, and he’s already serving 50 years in prison for the 2009 murder of another former girlfriend during his final pre-trial hearing, he showed off new tattoos on his head it reads, “Kill Rats and those have must die followed by a list that says, “All Judges, All Procedures, All Cops, and the Media, and it also has the words, Rat-1, Rat-2, and Rat-3 stretch out.

Who are Bass Webb’s Parents? Is he mentally Ill?

Based on the information available about Bass Webb, he is 53 years old as of 2023. He was born in 1970. Because of his history of crime and the nature of his cases, little information has been made public, making it very difficult to find out about his personal information.

Bass Webb made several headlines In 2016, and as well now for his involvement in a string of murders in Kentucky. As the story resurfaces on social media, individuals are debating whether or not his parents are to blame for his actions.

On a Facebook post featuring a photo of Webb’s head tattoo, one commenter expressed sympathy for the families of the victims while also acknowledging that Webb likely had a mental illness. They ultimately agreed that he should be put to death for his crimes.

However, another commenter disagreed, placing the blame squarely on Webb’s parents. They cited the “miracle child” mentality often exhibited by parents who have a child with a difficult birth, which can lead to a lack of discipline and consequences. They also criticized the use of corporal punishment in the family and suggested that therapy for only the individual is often ineffective without involving the whole family.