Who was Ash Jenkinson? Age, Wife, Children, Beloved Dad pilot dies at 40

Ash Jenkinson was a 40 years old dad pilot who was identified as one of the victims of a fatal sea world Helicopter crash that occurred on Australia’s Gold Coast and took the life of four people.

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Pilot Ash Jenkinson has been killed among four dead, in Fatal helicopter crash in Australia

The four people killed in the sea world helicopter disaster on January 2, 2023, including Ash Jenkinson, were identified. The news that he had just become a father and that two helicopters collided in midair on Australia’s Gold Coast, killing him and three others, made the tragedy much worse. Younger than 40, Ash Jenkinson.

The reports state that when the collision occurred, one Sea World helicopter was preparing to take off on a tour flight and the other was preparing to land. Ron and Diane Hughes, a married couple, and their mother Vanessa died after the lower craft lost its main rotor and fell upside down onto a sandbank. Her ten-year-old son was badly injured.

Additionally, a terrifying video that captured the moments before the disaster as travelers waited for a trip and watched the fateful helicopter take off has been widely circulated online.

Then, as “members of the public and police tried to remove the people and they commenced first aid and tried to get those people to safety from an airframe that was upside down,” Gary Worrell of the Queensland Police Service said, “they raced to help the victims.”

Boaters, jet skiers, and sunbathers all rushed to the victims’ aid. The investigation team holds the opinion that the pilots may not have noticed one another until it was too late.

How old was Ash Jenkinson when she died?

Ash Jenkinson was 40 years old. He was born in 1982-83, was originally from London, and spent his formative years in the West Midlands before relocating to Australia.

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His cousin, Ian Jenkinson, expressed his sorrow over the passing of his relative and described it as heartbreaking news. He also expressed concern for the welfare of Ash’s wife and his son, whom he left behind.

Ash Jenkinson’s Wife and Children

Ash Jenkinson was a married man and recently became the father of a son. He has shared several pictures of his wife and newborn son on his Facebook.

Sea World and others pay Tribute to the Victims of a Helicopter crash

People are sending their deepest condolences to the family of Pilot Ash Jenkinson and to other victims. Who were involved in a tragic incident that took the life of four people. Ash who Tragically died in the sea world Helicopter crash is now being remembered as a legend and a hero. All over the globe. And people are expressing their grief and support to the late victims’ families through different social media platforms.

Likewise, Sea World Helicopters has released a statement where they state”. We are devastated by the tragic accident which happened on the Gold Coast. On the 2nd of January and our hertz goes out to all those involved over this very sad time as they informed us that they are also currently cooperating with all the relevant authorities and will remain close until further notice.