Who was Archbishop Chrysostomos? How did he die? Death Cause and Obituary

Archbishop Chrysostomos was the head of Cyprus’s dominant Orthodox Church.

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The head of the Cyprus Church Archbishop Chrysostomos passes away at age 81.

The leader of the main Orthodox Church in Cyprus, Archbishop Chrysostomos II passed away on Monday, He was 81 at the time of his passing.

 Chrysostomos, who was given a cancer diagnosis four years ago, was unimpressed by clergy who refused to get the coronavirus vaccine and threatened to dismiss anyone who did.

Head of the estimated 300 million Orthodox Christians worldwide, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, expressed being “deeply touched” by Chrysostomos’ passing.

He was well known for expressing his strong opinions on a range of subjects, such as the Cyprus issue and how the Church was run. Chrysostomos rarely held back when it came to expressing his opinions on matters ranging from politics to the state of the nation’s finances, energizing his followers but upsetting certain politicians and other detractors who chastised him for not abiding by his religious obligations.

For his social conservatism, he was well-known. He frequently sparked tense arguments by openly expressing his views on issues like homosexuality, gay adoption, and abortion.

Moral Integrity

He urged legislators to oppose homos*xuality in 2014 and argued that the introduction of same-sex marriage and civil partnerships was evidence of governments losing their “moral integrity.” He was elected archbishop in 2006 and has been critical of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to attack Ukraine.

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At the time of his demise, Archbishop Chrysostomos was 81 years old. He belongs to the white ethnic group. He holds a Ukraine citizen.