All About Amelia Dimoldenberg Parents Including Sister

Get to know more about Amelia Dimoldenberg parents and her Sister including her politically active father Paul, travel partner mother Linda, and her beloved sister Zoe. Discover their individual accomplishments and learn about their close relationship as a family.

Amelia Dimoldenberg is a comedian, journalist, YouTuber, and television presenter from England. She is mainly known for her show “Chicken Shop Date”, where she interviews rappers, grime musicians, and other YouTubers in fried chicken restaurants. Get to know more about her parents and siblings in this article.

Rising in Westminster, Amelia Dimoldenberg Early life and Family Background

Amelia Dimoldenberg was born on January 30, 1994, in Westminster, London, United Kingdom. She was born to her parents Paul Dimoldenberg and Linda Herdman. Amelia is the eldest child of the family. She has a younger sister, Zoe Dimoldenberg.

Growing up in the bustling city of Marylebone in the heart of Westminster, Dimoldenberg was nurtured in the rich cultural and historical atmosphere. She attended St Marylebone School, where she developed a keen interest in the arts, politics, and technology. With a thirst for knowledge and creativity, Dimoldenberg pursued higher education and obtained a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design and a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Communication from Central Saint Martins in London.

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While at university, Dimoldenberg found herself on the fringes of the ultra-fashionable scene, preferring to observe and reflect rather than participate. She wrote of her experiences, “I was content to watch from the sidelines, admiring the art and creativity on display, but preferring to focus on my studies and leaving the wild party-going to those who had the energy and invitations.” Despite her reserved demeanor, Dimoldenberg’s unique perspective and artistic talent have made her a rising star in the fashion world.

Meet Amelia Dimoldenberg Father Paul Dimoldenberg

Her father, Paul Dimoldenberg is a writer and politician. He worked as a counselor for Harrow Road for 8 years before becoming a councilor for Queen’s Park Labour. The relation between

Amelia Dimoldenberg Father

Paul has been doing this job for 25 years. He found out about the “Homes for Votes” and “15p Cemeteries” scandals. He used to lead the Labour Group, but now he is in charge of air quality and managing the city.

The books written by him are:

  • The Westminster Whistleblowers
    • “The Westminster Whistleblowers” is a book about secret political events in a local area and how a well-respected Conservative Council was close to being ruined by a lot of political trouble.
  • Cheer Churchill. Vote Labour
    • “Cheer Churchill. Vote Labour” is a book about an election in 1945. The author writes about the election and thinks about how it might help the current leader of the Labour party, Keir Starmer, improve the party after a bad election result in 2019 and during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Building the New Jerusalem
    • “Building the New Jerusalem” is a book that tells how the Labour party tried to build homes and help with housing for working-class people. It talks about how they dealt with problems like not having enough materials or workers and managing a tough economy and other challenges.
  • A sense of Duty
    • “A Sense of Duty” is a book about a person named Sir Ashley Bramall who was a pioneer in education in London.

Discovering Each Other, Amelia Travel partner mother Linda Herdman

Her mother, Linda Herdman is a labor activist. According to her photos, she might be in her 70s. Not much information about her is available on the internet. However, according to Amelia’s post, her mother is the best partner to go for travel even though there is about 42 years gap between them. Amelia explains how her mother is not tech-savvy when they went to Japan in 2019.

Amelia Dimoldenberg Father and Mother

I’m standing in the middle of a fish market in Tokyo and my mum is signaling for me to step into the road so she can take a photo of me in front of a giant crab. This is day two of a 15-day holiday in Japan with my mum and, so far, It has been everything I thought it would be – mainly because every single photo taken of me is blurry. 

She is not available on any social media, according to Amelia. However, Amelia often shares her mother’s photos on many platforms.

Making fun of each other on social media, Amelia Sister

Amelia has a younger sister, Zoe. Amelia posted on Instagram on November 22, 2015, about her sister calling Zoe, her intern.

Saturday night in with Zoe aka glamour puss aka judge judy aka my intern

Amelia Dimoldenberg Sister

To which she responded

aka the female boss

According to Instagram posts, it seems like Zoe has worked for Amelia in 2015. Zoe has blonde hair. But not much information about her has been revealed at the moment. She is available on Instagram. However, her account is private.