Allison Paige and Matthew Allison’s Love Story Unfolds on Instagram

Allison Paige is an American actress born on June 8, 1989 (age 40 years old), in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is best known for her role as Bev in the television series “The Lizzie Borden Chronicles” and as Missy in the movie “The Wedding Party.” However, her popularity surged after the 2021 release of the friendship-themed film Dinner Party. In addition to this, her notable roles in The Flash and Detention contributed significantly to her fame.

Take Insight into the relationship, including her engagement, and first anniversary, of Allison Paige and how they spent their time during the pandemic.

Allison Paige is dating Matthew Allison

Allison Paige is a well-loved celeb and her fans often question her relationship status. The answer to if Allison is single or dating anyone is Allison is in a very happy and healthy relationship with Matthew Paetz. For the past seven years, Allison has been dating coach Matthew.

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Allison’s first picture with Matthew hinted at their relationship

Allison first shared pictures of her boyfriend on Instagram on May 14, 2017, along with the caption, “I’ll blade with you anywhere “

Allison Paige and her Partner Matthew Paetz First photo on Instagram

Likewise, just four days later when she posted their first picture, Allison shared a cute picture of her and Matthew on his birthday and wrote “

I could gush about my sweet birthday boy all day but I’ll leave it for your card @matthewpaetz ☺ I will say this….️You are selfless. You are bold. Your heart holds more love than it knows what to do with. You have shown me what it truly means to have a teammate in life who loves me for simply being me. You see right through my insecurities and make me feel more beautiful than anyone ever has. You are soooo attractive 😜 You are a perfectly imperfect man and I am so blessed I get to call you mine. Happy Birthday @matthewpaetz. 💜 I love you. #team #istillmanagedtogush

Source: Instagram

Allison Paige is engaged to Matthew Paetz

The couple became engaged on March 5, 2022, while taking their two dogs for a walk in Malibu, California. During their stroll, Paetz took the opportunity to propose to Paige by kneeling down and presenting her with a diamond ring.

Allison Paige Engaged

This weekend I got to ask the woman of my dreams to marry me.

I genuinely don’t know how to put into words the feelings I’ve experienced over these last several months planning this moment. Everyone who helped put this together and to those who helped keep me together 🙌🏼🙏🏽

Here’s to the future we will create together.

Thank you for being my forever best friend @allisonpaigen 💍♥️


Source: Instagram

Both Paetz and Paige were overcome with emotion before celebrating with a glass of champagne and a romantic dance to the tune of Florida Georgia Line’s “H.O.L.Y.” later in the day.

The happy couple shared the news of their engagement on their respective Instagram accounts, showing off their matching outfits. Paige looked stunning in an off-cream ensemble complete with a hat and golden earrings, while Paetz wore a dark brown leather jacket.

Allison Paige and Matthew Paetz spent COVID quarantine together as a couple

The citizens were forcefully instructed to self-quarantine during the COVID pandemic 2020. Throughout the lockdown, the couple was together.

Allison Paige Spent Quarantine with her partner Matthew Paetz

They played silly games where Paige deceived her soon-to-be husband to pass the time. Paige cut Paetz’s hair, which he uploaded a picture of. He said, “Our expressions wonderfully describe our lives together“.

Allison Paige and Matthew Paetz celebrated their engagement anniversary on March 5, 2023

Allison and her partner felt that time flew by quickly while they were in love, especially over the past year. On March 5, 2023, Allison celebrated their first anniversary by wishing her partner, Matthew, a happy anniversary. Allison also shared photos from earlier years when Matthew had proposed to her.

7 years ago today I called you my boyfriend for the first time. 1 year ago today I said “yes” to the easiest question I’ve ever been asked.
Happy anniversary my love 🫶🏻
We should start wedding planing before Judy kills us

Source: Instagram

In her post, Allison reflected on the time they spent together, stating that seven years ago on the same day, she had called Matthew her boyfriend for the first time. She then mentioned that a year ago, she had easily said “yes” when Matthew had proposed to her. Allison hinted that they might be getting married and making their relationship official, which is why she shared those photos from their earlier proposal.

Allison Paige’s fiancé, Matthew Paetz is a Coach

Paetz is in a happy relationship with his beloved Allison, and they are enjoying the best times of their lives together.

Matthew Paetz is a personal development coach who founded Empower Coaching LLC based in Los Angeles. His LinkedIn profile indicates that he began working as a coach and public speaker in 2015, and in January 2018, he established his own company after three years and a month of gaining expertise in the field.

Paetz focuses on helping business people launch meaningful enterprises by assisting them in overcoming their ingrained childhood survival strategies and emotional traumas. His decision to make coaching his full-time profession was influenced by his own experiences as a child who suffered abuse and struggled with alcoholism, drug use, and suicidal thoughts. He then decided to support the business development of new coaches.

Paetz conducts workshops in his community several times a year and is currently preparing to launch a new group program for beginning coaches. He was born and raised in a small town in Indiana and currently lives in Los Angeles. He is 37 years old and celebrates his birthday on May 18 every year.