Who is Alex Hanscombe? Rachel Nickell’s son Now, Father

When Alex Hanscombe was two years old, he witness his mother being s*xually r*ped and murdered. The murder case stunned the entire country. Only 16 years after the murder, the true perpetrator was discovered. Collins Stagg, who was wrongfully accused of the murder, receives an apology and £706,000 in compensation.

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Alex Hanscombe Age and Date of Birth

His real date of birth, on the other hand, has not yet surfaced because his family and friends have not yet publicized his birthday on the internet or in front of the wider public.

alex hanscombe mother

They have not yet divulged anything about their personal lives on the Internet.

Similarly, no information about her family members or siblings, if he has any, has surfaced as of yet.

Who is Alex Hanscombe? and What happened to Alex Hanscombe?

Alex Hanscombe has overcome adversity. He and his young mother, Rachel Nickell, went for a walk on Wimbledon Common on a glorious July morning in 1992, just three weeks before his third birthday. Life would never be the same after that. Alex was discovered by the side of his mother’s body shortly after 10 o’clock that morning – she had been assaulted, stabbed 49 times in a violent attack, and left dead. The attack was only witnessed by Alex.

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The investigation quickly came to be one of the largest and most contentious in police history, and the ensuing media frenzy forced his father and him to depart the country when his life was threatened. Alex would spend the rest of his boyhood in the shadow of a serial killer on the loose. A sequence of police blunders meant the case would go unsolved for nearly two decades, affecting the lives of more than 80 people.

Letting Go: A true narrative of Murder, loss, and Survival

Alex highlighted the remarkable and sad journey of a young child attempting to make sense of a world that put him as a victim even before his life had truly begun in ‘Letting Go: A true narrative of Murder, loss, and Survival,’ and the inspirational story of how he refused to accept that role. A journey that began with sorrow and ended with forgiveness, understanding, and serenity.

Alex is a hypnotherapist and musician who is now pursuing a degree in graphology. In recent years, he has traveled widely and studied yoga with his teacher R.Sharath in India. He now lives in Barcelona, where he is working on a book with his father about the beliefs that helped them survive, as well as a collection of children’s stories called “The Adventures of Little Louis,” which was created to entertain and stimulate Alex during his recovery when they first fled to Europe over twenty years ago.