Arrest made in death of Adrianna Taylor aged 15 who died after fentanyl exposure

Adrianna Taylor of age 15 who was a student at Mobile-area high school died last week after suspected fentanyl exposure, according to reports. Now officials have made arrest suspects involved in her death.

Taylor was a student at Mary G. Montgomery High School and she was found unresponsive in her home last Wednesday. According to officials of the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office believe the cause of death was due to the ingestion of some pills that were possibly laced with fentanyl.

Who Is Responsible for Adrianna’s Death?

According to the sheriff’s office, a 17-year-old suspect has been charged with manslaughter and distribution of illegal substances, but the name of that suspect isn’t still revealed due to their age. They are still searching for the main criminals involved in fentanyl exposure. Investing is still going on.

Police Reports in Teen’s Death

Chief Deputy Paul Burch told local outlet WALA that, “We are going to very publicly go after everyone that we find out who are dealing fentanyl-laced drugs”. He also added that those individuals could face murder or manslaughter charges in this case.

“As the investigation progressed we learned that she was possibly ingested and ingested some pills that were possibly laced with fentanyl and we do anticipate a number of charges on a number of people.” Paul Burch said.

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As fentanyl overdose cases are growing not only in Mobile County but across the country Burch says they are searching to get these people off the streets. Mobile County deputies members responded that emergency calls linked to fentanyl overdoses numerous times a week.

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“It will not just end with this case and we are going to team up with our federal partners and we have got to put stop fentanyl overdose cases before it gets out of hand like it is in some other areas around many countries,” Paul Burch said.

Family and friends of Adrianna Taylor Reacted to her Death

Adrianna Taylor’s friends and family have been very active on their social media about their grief and they are very sad feeling about her death.

Taylor’s friend Haley Williamson wrote on Facebook last week, “We been friends since babies, Just can’t believe this.”

Ashton Logan, Taylor’s sister, wrote a long post on Facebook last Friday telling, “We lost our dad just over a year ago now so I know he is so glad his baby girl is with him right now in beautiful blue gates,” Logan also added, “We were not just sisters, we were best friends.”

Adrianna was just shy of her 16th birthday at the time of her death.

Officials are still investigating. Hope they will find out criminals soon.