In Chicago expressway shooting, Aaliyah Ivory speaks out, Shooter not charged

In Chicago expressway shooting, Aaliyah Ivory speaks out, Shooter not charged

Aaliyah Ivory, a Chicago resident who was shot six times on I-57, is currently recovering in the hospital. I-57 near Vollmer Road in Matteson was the scene of a road rage gunshot, according to Illinois State Police. When the police arrived, they found Ivory suffering from serious wounds. She claims that on Saturday while driving northbound, a construction zone required traffic to merge into one lane.

Ivory claimed that after she cut off the driver who had cut her off, he hurled racial epithets at her. She acknowledges using a derogatory term in her response, after which she heard gunfire. The Illinois State Police have not yet brought any formal charges.

After being shot six times on a Chicago expressway, a woman speaks up, but the shooter is not charged

Over the weekend, a woman was shot six times while operating a vehicle on a Chicago road. From her hospital bed, Aaliyah Ivory spoke to FOX 32 Chicago. She claims that the gunshot was an act of road rage and that she is unsure of when she will be able to walk once more. “I was trying to cross, but the man refused to let me cross as soon as I made the attempt. He, therefore, attempted to push me off the road. I continued to try to move in front of him to escape, “said Ivory.

Ivory claims that at 1:50 p.m. on Saturday, she was traveling towards the city from the south suburbs when the shooting broke out. Five bullets hit the back of her automobile, and one damaged the side. Ivory claims that the incident was the result of driving rage and that witnesses helped her. The shooter remained on the scene, and state police are seen in the footage loading him into the back of a squad car. Although the individual may or may not be in custody, according to Illinois State Police, no charges have yet been brought against him. “He said that I pointed my revolver at him. We both carry concealed weapons. I was so terrified that I was unable to draw my gun quickly enough “stated Ivory. “There is a safety on my rifle.


They can use any test to verify that I have never fired my gun or done anything else.” The mother of Ivory’s 2-year-old daughter claims that the situation may have gone in a different direction. Ivory generally rides on the side where the rounds were fired. The 24-year-old was shot six times while driving close to Vollmer Road on I-57’s northbound lanes.

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“It might get worse. One of the two gunshots in my back is two centimeters from my spinal column “explained Ivory. State police are still looking into it. “Both persons engaged in this incident are working with the investigation, according to the investigative unit. The inquiry is still active and ongoing “In a statement, ISP stated. Contact ISP at 847-294-4400 or [email protected] if you saw the shooting or have any other information. Witnesses have the option of anonymity.