229 Christian missionaries being sentenced to death in Afghanistan Again

Breaking News: Please pray for the 229 Christian missionaries who will be executed by Islamists in Afghanistan tomorrow afternoon.

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ATTENTION: This post includes images of graphic violence.

“URGENT PRAYER NEED This message was sent by a Missionary: Today sadly they just confirmed this terrible news at this time. Please pray for the 229th Christian missionaries, who have been sentenced to death tomorrow afternoon by the Afghan Islamists. Please can pass this message on as soon as possible so that many people will be able to pray. The whole planet united in prayer.

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If you can forward it please join us in urgent prayer, also because the radical Islamic group has just taken Quaragosh, the largest Christian city in Iraq. Where there are hundreds of Christian men, women, and children who are being beheaded. Prayer cover is being requested. Please take a minute and pray for them. Pass the message to whoever you can. Quaragosh has already been taken several times. They have asked us to pray”

Says one message, which has been shared over 100+ times since it was shared by a Shiv Shankar Tiwari on August 17.

What’s on the video of praying for 229 Christian missionaries?

The man who actually shares this post is unknown but he says something like this on the video.

Really pray. Pray for the believers there. There’s so much that is going on. It’s so much that is happening. I’ve we’ve lost all contact as of about 1 o’clock this morning due to the fact that if the Taliban finds any western number or contacts in their phone. They will kill them on site. It is what the Taliban has done before.

229 christian missionaries killed

It is what they’re Modus Aparanda is whenever they find uh any believers, all believers in the country will be killed by the Taliban. They are not looking for converts at this point. They’re looking for the Extermination of Christians and despite what. I just watched the umm uh one of the Taliban leaders in uh just give an uh a Talk on the BBC and I’m telling you, these people
are full of lies.

They have no plan for good for the country of Afghanistan. They only have harm and Destruction in their path and uh they will implement, They say that they are only uh Implementing uh Basic head coverings for women.

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It is a lie. Uh, they will total institute uh total coverage of all of the women’s bodies and for it not to be seen and eliminate women education throughout the country. Uh this is an evil demonic regime and they are planning on exterminating the second-fastest-growing church in the planet.

Pray for the believers and the 229 Christian missionaries

Um, this is a time where I’ve had messages uh all night long from all over. People asking and uh pleading for uh prayer, pleading for imperfection from the church here in the west to be praying for him to be holding them up and to pray that the Taliban will fall and that they will not succeed in their plan to eliminate again the second-fastest-growing church in the world.

Uh please ask your churches. Every prayer you know, share my post that we put on. I’m pleading with you yo uh pray and we saw it!!

What’s the situation in Afghanistan?

Christians are not allowed to promote their faith in Afghanistan, according to Emal Haidary, an AFP reporter in Kabul.

“Christian missionary work is banned in Afghanistan because the Islamic Sharia is the foundation of all laws here, and Sharia forbids Christian missionary work and apostasy (renouncing the Muslim faith),” Haidary added.

The picture was probably taken in Iraq, not Afghanistan

Regarding a photo of a blindfolded man ready to be executed that was extensively posted on social media, Haidary claimed that the clothing of another man in the backdrop, seen in white, did not appear to be Afghan.

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“Arabs dress in long white robes, whereas Afghans do not. ISIS (Islamic State) fighters in Afghanistan are dressed differently, according to Haidary. “They mainly wear shalwar kamiz,” he stated, referring to traditional South Asian clothing worn by men.